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Who does not want a fast website? Here you will find a selection of detailed articles offering tips that will help speed up your website.

Choosing Media Temples Dedicated-Virtual (dv) Service as Our New Host

Media Temple is one of the more popular premium web hosting services out there. Media Temple is also pretty divisive – some swear by its quality, others claim it’s nothing but overpriced style-over-performance. Regardless, you can’t deny that it’s used by some big websites and bloggers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Sony, Starbucks, Toyota, Adobe, CSS-Tricks, and most recently, our site, Speckyboy…

Website Speed Part 2: Working With and Optimizing Images for the Web

This is the second part of our website speed series where we closely look at the techniques employed to make a website run as fast as possible while still maintaining it’s stunning look and feel.
Images can make or break a website, whether that be adding a humanist feel to a site, adding animation and mouse over effects or finalizing that amazing design that just can’t be achieved with CSS alone. Yet all these images could cost the biggest price of any website, loss of visiting traffic. If a website takes too long to load or is unusable due to all of the images then it’s game over as the user will quickly go back to Google and search again.