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Is the Cookie Law Dead?

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Is the cookie law dead? At least one company is willing to call it already.

A month after the law came into effect in the UK, software company Silktide conducted research into how websites were coping.

They found 95% of UK websites have made no attempt whatsoever to comply. Possibly worse, 76% of the websites that tried to comply were simply adding a cookie policy and linking to that on every page. Those websites still set cookies, still track users, and don’t give any more control over their privacy except for explaining how to disable cookies in a browser.

In their video “The Cookie Law – 28 Days Later”, Silktide announced their findings, mocked the ICO’s complaints process and declared the law effectively dead:

We spoke to the creator of this video Oliver Emberton, who elaborated: “Most people have been waiting to see how the law panned out. We now know most sites – including big players like Amazon and DirectGov – are just adding a basic cookie policy. That does diddly-squat for their user’s privacy, but based on the ICO’s nonchalant response so far it looks like it’s enough to claim you’re working towards compliance.”

“Although the ICO announced it has received ‘hundreds’ of complaints, given the volume of UK websites that number is exceedingly small. Given the majority of normal people don’t even know about the law or how to raise a complaint, we’d say the chances of a small/medium business website being picked on for inspection are practically zero.”

“Unless the ICO decides to make a serious example of a big website soon, we expect this law will soon be ignored, and eventually forgotten. And frankly: good bloody riddance”.

What do you think of the controversial cookie law? Are you still implementing solutions or have you given up trying to comply? Let us know your thoughts below.

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