Top 10 Free Poll and Survey Widgets for your Website

Sometimes, you may need to gauge user’s attitude or thoughts towards a particular subject, learn your readerships general opinion, or you may just be seeking advice with an important decision … that is were a simple survey/poll could be used as a quick and painless solution. The poll should not only be thought of as an information gathering tool, it can also add interactivity value to your site and will have a positive effect on your readers by allowing them to share their valued opinions.

With very little programming skills, you can easily create a poll very quickly by using one of the many poll services available, which will allow you to create a survey and style it to fit your sites design perfectly. In this article we have collected 10 such online services to help you create and integrate free polls onto your website/blogs.

Poll Code

Poll Code
With Pollcode you can create your own poll without registration, but if you want access to some of the cool poll management features it supports, you will need to create an account, which is also free. The registration process is very simple and only takes few seconds to complete. It allows for complete customization, so the user can choose a suitable font, colors and design that perfectly comply with the layout of the website.
This service is provided free of charge in exchange for advertisements that will be placed on your poll’s result pages (seen only when someone votes, or views your poll’s results). There won’t be any advertising placed on your website itself though, only a link back to
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ProProfs is a premium poll service provider which does offer a free basic poll option. The free version does allow for unlimited polls and unlimited quiz takers, but after 7 days does contain adverts. They have made it very easy to customize your poll and does come packed with some unique features. It will remove fraud votes, it can also track votes according to the geographic location of the voters, it allows you to add suitable images or videos and does integrate with MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking sites very easily.
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Snap Poll

Snap Poll
Snap Poll offers a simple and easy to create poll service that takes only a few minutes to install. You can customise the color and layout and style it according to the appearance of your website. No registration is necessary and it is completely free, but you do have to agree not to try to remove any of the pre-packaged advertising.
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The free (does require link back) poll service Modpoll has served up millions of polls on many popular websites including,,, and You can create as many polls as you’d like and add them to your blog or website or link to a hosted poll from many popular social networking services, applications and websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Digg, Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, LiveJournal, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and more.
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MicroPoll offers quite possibly the easiest solution for creating online polls. With its super-simple customization tools, you can easily customize your poll exactly as you want. It comes with Radio button, Check Box or Drop Down menu options and does offer a nice optional selection of pre-designed themes.
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With Vizu, users can create polls within a few minutes. to It allows you to track the current results of polls, receive email alerts for your favorite topics, and voters can also post their comments directly on any particular topic they are voting for.
It is free, but does not allow you to remove the link back to Vizu.
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BlogPolls allows users to design the poll according to your website’s design and layout. It is free, but does not allow you to remove the link back to BlogPolls.
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QuestionForm is a powerful poll creator with an amazing drag and drop desktop-like GUI. You can drag-and-drop to create/edit the questions, items, choices… and it also provides many advance features, such as: control repeated responses with cookies, real time notification for new responses, export your data to Microsoft Excel, XML or any other spreadsheets (via CSV or TSV).
QuestionForm is a premium service that does offer a free option, but only allows for two polls.
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SurveyMonkey is another premium poll service which offers a free option (allows for ten questions for survey and limited to only 100 responses). You can easily customize your poll/survey as you want: change the color scheme, insert a logo and even select your preferred language. It also offers 24×7 support.
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PollDaddy is perhaps the most professional and most powerful poll service in this aricle. Their robust online survey service feeds the data you collect into powerful reporting systems to help you make the most informed decisions you can. It offers custom skins and CSS support, real-time reporting, language support, you can xport your data as XML, CSV and receive results via Email or RSS and also allows you to choose from 11 question types.
PollDaddy is premium service with a free package available, which allows for 10 questions per survey, 100 responses per survey, basic reporting and does have a PollDaddy link in the content.
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  • Eddie

    Hi, I’m looking for a specific type of poll that I can put into iWeb. I’m not sure any of these would work, but basically I’m looking for a set-up where someone visiting the site clicks on a picture and directly underneath, a counter adds up in real time every time someone clicks on the pic above. So no questions, no voting of any sort necessarily- just a picture I provide with a counting ticker underneath logging the count. Maybe it’s not a poll?! I’m fairly web design illiterate so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dani Weymouth

    Hi. Can you tell me if any of these plugins have responsive / mobile ready widgets? Other than the PollDaddy which costs a whopping $200 to make it responsive?

  • thiamjoo

    My organization have about 100 staff but not everyone has a PC. I need to carry out a poll where I need input from every staff but each one can only vote once. Most poll software or codes can prevent voting more than once from a single PC (IP blocking) but many staff share the same PC so that defeat the purpose. I was thinking about requiring every staff to sign-in to take the poll but I can’t find any poll software with that function. Any help is most appreciated. Thanx

  • Awesome list… I have used the poll box.. it really interested and useful

  • Keith Doyle

    hi, im trying to find software that will allow me to conduct a poll at an event, take peoples pictures and use these in the results, a picture poll – instead of a a bar graph displaying the % the graph would be a montage of participants pictures? does this exist? any help please

  • Does anyone know about survey/poll products with Directory Services (MS AD) integration?

    The surveys are intended for internal corporate users?

  • Ned

    PollDaddy sounds nasty.

  • Patricia Adams

    SoGoSurvey offers a simple, yet amazing poll maker at quite an affordable price. We can add images and embed polls on blogs too.

  • Ankit Goyal

    Try AskByPoll. It gives advanced analytics widget along with the polls widget

  • Stephen Cerrone

    Thanks for the info – I need to create a weekly coaches poll. It is a rating of the top wrestlers in each weight class. I want to limit the coaches votes to one per coach so it would require a secure login. There are 14 weight classes and about 20 options in each weight class. Which of the above would be the best suited for my application?