The 10 Best Plugins for Adding eCommerce to WordPress


Whatever you’re looking to sell online, it’s possible with WordPress. That flexibility is a big reason why the content management system (CMS) is a market leader.

eCommerce stores that sell physical products, subscription services, and downloads – they’re all within reach. The WordPress plugin ecosystem provides plenty of options. Want to list your products on a third-party retailer such as Amazon? That’s fair game as well. And there’s an opportunity to enhance things even further through custom code.

However, the sheer number of WordPress eCommerce plugins can make your head spin. Some serve a very niche purpose, while others allow you to pick and choose functionality. We’re here to help provide some clarity.

Today, we’ll introduce you to ten of the best eCommerce plugins on the market. Along the way, we’ll provide some background info on what types of shops they’re best suited for. Let’s get started!

Please note that some product types may require additional add-ons.


How could we not start with the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress? Millions of stores are powered by WooCommerce – and it’s easy to see why. Woo has an ecosystem of its own, with an extension library that adds virtually any type of functionality you could dream of. Some are commercial, while others are free to use.

A default installation of the free WooCommerce plugin is all you need to run a very basic store selling either physical or digital goods. To do something more complex, it’s likely you’ll need a combination of extensions. This is both a blessing and a curse, as it can take a lot of research to find exactly the right solutions for your needs. Still, the number of possibilities is staggering.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products, subscriptions, event registrations

WooCommerce WordPress eCommerce Solution Plugin

Easy Digital Downloads

As its name suggests, Easy Digital Downloads is built with digital products in mind. Like WooCommerce, it features an impressive variety of extensions. They’ll help you connect to various payment gateways, and mailing list services, and even enable you to sell licensed software. Selling physical products is also possible through the Simple Shipping extension.

EDD is both niche and extensible. That makes it an excellent choice for creative professionals who want to sell their work online.

Best for selling: Digital products, subscriptions, licensed software

Easy Digital Downloads WordPress eCommerce Solution Plugin

BigCommerce For WordPress

BigCommerce For WordPress is different from your typical eCommerce plugin. Instead of relying on your webserver to power everything, it ties in with the BigCommerce SaaS product. This allows you to integrate your store into your WordPress website without taxing web hosting resources.

Another big difference is that you’ll find a bit more functionality out of the box. Since this is a commercial service, plenty of features are included with your package, although additional extensions (called “apps”) are also available.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products

BigCommerce For WordPress eCommerce Solution Plugin

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid not only lets you create a store using WordPress but also facilitates sales on social media. Your products can be integrated into both Facebook and Instagram, with a chance to significantly expand your audience. Selling on Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping is also possible.

It’s also a SaaS product, meaning your web hosting requirements won’t be too hefty. There’s a free plan with limited functionality. But to take advantage of social media integration and larger product quantities, you’ll need a paid plan.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart WordPress eCommerce Solution Plugin

Event Espresso

eCommerce covers a wide range of use cases and event registrations are a popular niche. And that’s exactly what Event Espresso specializes in. This commercial plugin makes it easy to sell access to in-person or online events, with support for multiple ticket types and pricing levels.

While it’s great for conferences and other one-off events, you can also create recurring events as well. Calendar integration is possible via an add-on.

Best for selling: Event registrations

WP EasyCart

WordPress eCommerce plugins tend to require a piecemeal approach. You start with a basic cart and add the functionality you need through extension plugins. WP EasyCart eschews that approach and instead focuses on multiple service levels. Depending on which level you choose (Free, Pro, Premium), you’ll gain access to specific features.

The free level offers the basics while adding an additional charge in the form of “application fees” for the use of the built-in payment gateways. Upgrade, and you’ll waive those fees – plus have the ability to sell downloads, subscriptions, and offer role-based product pricing.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products, subscriptions

WP EasyCart WordPress eCommerce Solution Plugin

eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress

eCommerce Product Catalog offers the unique premise of building an online catalog with the ability to add store functionality later on. When you’re ready, install some commercially-available extensions to start selling.

This could be a solid solution for budget-minded clients. A catalog can be built over time without the pressure of investing in yearly extension licenses right away. You also have the choice of buying extensions a la carte or via a bundle.

Best for selling: Physical products

eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress eCommerce Solution Plugin

Download Manager

Download Manager provides a simple way to sell digital goods with WordPress. By default, the plugin is a means to control access to files and documents. But an add-on will integrate plenty of eCommerce bells and whistles.

Capabilities include software licensing, subscriptions, and role-based discounts. Product variations allow for selling different versions, while expiration dates ensure that files can’t be downloaded past a predetermined amount of time.

Best for selling: Digital products, subscriptions, licensed software

Download Manager WordPress eCommerce Solution Plugin

WP eStore

WP eStore is a simple and flexible plugin that has been on the market for several years. It works in conjunction with PayPal and allows for both one-time and subscription purchases. The plugin supports multiple product types and integrates with NextGEN Gallery to sell digital images. A collection of free add-ons is also available.

An interesting plot twist is that WP eStore is a one-time purchase. That provides you with lifetime access and usage on unlimited websites. No yearly subscriptions – a rarity in today’s world.

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products, licensed software

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

With the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you can build a full-featured eCommerce website for relatively little investment. Single and unlimited site licenses are available on either a yearly or lifetime basis. And there is a solid selection of commercial extensions that come with lifetime licenses. Multiple payment gateways and shipping providers are supported.

The lower cost doesn’t mean a lack of features. You can still sell digital products and subscriptions (provided you use a compatible gateway).

Best for selling: Physical products, digital products, subscriptions

Shopping Cart Plugin WordPress eCommerce Solution

Sell Anything with WordPress

One of the keys to building a great eCommerce website is to start with a solid foundation. Both WordPress and its ecosystem of plugins will get you moving in the right direction.

And while WooCommerce is the elephant (er, ninja) in the room, it’s not the only option. Its massive market share tends to overshadow the category. But, as great as Woo is, you may find everything you need with one of the other entries on this list.

Regardless of your choice, it’s nice to know that WordPress can power virtually any type of store. If you can dream it, the right eCommerce plugin can help you do it.

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