Tutorials for Getting Started With the Google Map API

The free web mapping service from Google is everywhere, it seems to appear on every other website and new web apps are appearing every day. But, how do they do it? Hopefully this article will help you on your way.

Google Map API Links and Downloads

Homepage: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/index.html.
Download: Sign up for a Google Map Api key here.
Docs: Google Map Api Docs.
Google Maps for your Mobile: Google Maps Mobile

How can I use it? (Tutorials)

1. Working with Google Maps.
This is a great article from .net which will give you a create overview of what you can do with Google Maps.
2.Keep it simple User Guide to Google Maps.
Visit and Learn have written this tutorial on the basics of implementing Google maps.
3. Articles and Tutorials on Google Maps.
And of course Google themselves have the best indepth tutorials.
4.Google Maps API Tutorial.
Making instant maps by embedding maps.google.com from ecoynm.
5.Google Maps API Tutorial from Lifehacker.

Some great examples

Google Map Example
Name: Plottr.
URL: http://www.plottr.com/

Google Map Example
Name: My Space Map.
URL: http://www.myspacemap.com/

Google Map Example
Name: Ebay Motors Map.
URL: http://ebaymotorsmapped.ning.com/

Google Map Example
Name: Flickr Vision.
URL: http://flickrvision.com/

Google Map Example
Name: Twitter Vision.
URL: http://twittervision.com/

Recommended WordPress Plugins

1.XML Google Maps.
2.Google Maps Plugin for WP.
3.XML Google Maps Quicktag.

Further Reading

1. Google Maps Is Changing the Way We See the World (from Wired Magazine).
2. Google Zooms In Too Close for Some (from nytimes.com).
3. Google Zooms In Too Close for Some (from nytimes.com).
4. Take Control of Your Maps (from alistapart.com).

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