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Helvetica Superheroes – A minimalist alphabet of superheroes

Let’s admit it: typography is awesome, isn’t it? If you really are serious about making the internet (or anything with written words for that matter) better and more beautiful place, you cannot disregard the importance of amazing typography. And when it comes to typography, what’s the key element? In other words, how does good typography start? Obviously, it all begins…


A Quick History of the Rock and Roll T-Shirt

From its humble roots as a way to preserve sailors’ modesty in hot weather during the Spanish – American war to its step into the mainstream based on veterans sporting them in post-WWII America, the t-shirt has a fascinating history. But no part of that history is more fascinating than its position as wearable art, which was fully embraced by…


40 Examples of Surreal Art in Graphic Design

“Surrealist works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur,” that is how Wikipedia describes the surrealist movement. What this means is that surrealism gives the artist complete freedom to express freely their emotions and creativity onto their artwork. Hope you enjoy this surreal art gallery… The Path Circus A Break in Reality Melusine Cook in brain My…

Dealing With Your Ego as a Designer

A fundamental difference between programming intensive web-development work and graphic-focused web-design is that everyone – client to business associates – has an opinion and an alternative vision for the latter. The technically-steep learning curve of coding, whether it be the front-end or server-side configuration, tends to elicit few opinions and observations, simply because only a handful of clients actually possess…

30 Realistic Pencil Drawings

It’s hard to believe that all of these beautiful pictures are pencil drawings and not digital. Pencil, paper, creativity and a heck of a lot skill are the only attributes of these masterpieces. Check out these Realistic Pencil Drawings: Gurn Drawing Christopher Reeve FuFu What a Lovely Picture Karlstadt Watermill Snow White Broken Heart Yendos Nature Pencil art by Rupak…

Why and How to Write Better Graphic Design Tutorials

For every single quality graphic design tutorial out there, another 50 just plain suck. They’re poorly written, use bad graphics, are about bad graphics, or just altogether skip important steps. It’s a shame, but bad tutorials also create an opportunity for those who are willing to take the time to produce quality work. Writing and publishing graphic design tutorials is…