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The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

As graphic designers, it is so important for us to always keep learning in order to stay at the top of our game. Outside of classes, and actual on-the-job learning, there are many outlets for us to teach ourselves new tricks. One of my favorite new places to go for a bi-weekly dose of design inspiration, education, and yes –…

Improve Your Workflow By Eating Out – The Link Between Restaurants And Design Meetings

Let’s face it: when we eat out at a restaurant, we usually aren’t making the most logical choice on any front. Restaurants are quite a bit more expensive than cooking meals at home; they’re also less nutritious, less filling, and sometimes the quality of the food or the service can leave you more unhappy than you bargained for. Nevertheless, millions…

40 Humorous Photo Manipulations

In this post we have collected some humorous imagery that we know will make you laugh. Many of the images blend 21st century technology with the natural world and do so in a fashion were different parts of the images are so finely blended with each other that you will not be able to find any discontinuity. They are amazing….

Things I Hate about My Clients

In the Things My Clients Hate. What about Yours? article I discussed 5 things my clients hate. Now, let me present the other side of the story – i.e. 5 things I hate about clients. Well, with so much hatred, it might sound like we freelancers and clients are at a war but definitely I don’t think this is the…

45 Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

When we talk about image editing or photo enhancement, Adobe Photoshop is the first thing that comes to our minds. The software itself is hard to learn and harder to master though. Thanks to the many tutorials available though, even novices can learn the tricky techniques used by the pros fairly easily. Selecting the best tutorials from a pool containing…