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Super Rockers – An Illustration Series of Rockstar Superheros

New York-based artist Andres Moncayo has taken popular superheros and given them a rockstar makeover in a tremendously creative illustration series called Super Rockers. He has put together two bands of superheros – ‘The Rocking League’ and the ‘Avengers Band’. In ‘The Rocking League’- Superman sports a mohawk hair style and a bearded Aqua Man, wearing nothing but briefs, just…


Fantastic Flat Superhero Illustrations from Bunka

The flat design trend is fairly shaking up all aspects of the graphic design industry. We are entering a new era of simple and minimalistic modes of communication in which flat design seems to deliver in the best possible manner. Inspired by the flat format of design, French graphic designer Bunca has used the same methodology and created a series…


Vintage-Style James Bond Posters

Alain Bossuyt, an illustrator from Lille, France, has designed a series of James Bond posters and given each of them a uniformed vintage-style which, as you will see from the gallery below, has resulted in a truly captivating and highly original recreation. Vintage-Style James Bond Posters Dr. No From Russia With Love Goldfinger You Only Live Twice Diamonds are Forever…


Humorous Collection of Uninspiring Quote Posters

Scottish illustrator Linzie Hunter has recently created a humorous series of completely, as she calls them, ‘uninspiring posters’. Now when we say ‘uninspiring’, we’re not saying that the unique design of her posters are uninspired, actually it’s the complete opposite – they are inspiring, but the message they convey is categorically not inspiring. ‘Give Yourself an A for Average –…


The Irony of Being Morally Wrong Illustration Series

Illustrator Joanne Ju has recently created a series of illustrations that challenges all of those moral rules we were taught when we were young, like ‘wait your turn’, watch your language’ or’just be yourself’. Each illustration shows the drawbacks and flaws of each life lesson in an ironic and comical way. The series is entitled ‘Morally Wrong‘. The Morally Wrong…


Haunting Comic Book & Movie Character Illustrations

Digital artist Adnan Ali has created a series of comic book and movie character haunting digital illustrations. This project is unique in the sense that it depicts the true dark nature of our beloved heroes. Not only Batman or Spiderman, Adnan’s artwork even touches on some cute Looney Toons characters as well as he dissects their evil side. This type…


Cute Yellow – A Dissected Cartoon Character Illustration series

Have you ever imagined what your favourite cartoon characters would look like from the inside? I don’t suppose you have. There is one guy that has though. Graphic artist Mahmoud Reefat has dedicated an entire illustration series to discovering and showing what lies underneath the skin of some of your favorite cartoon characters. In this project, called ‘Cute Yellow‘, Reefat…


A Series of Illustrations Explaining Internet Buzzwords

Recently, we came across this inspiring work from design agency ONO Creates. They have designed a series of illustrations explaining internet buzzwords such as crowdsourcing, gamification, crowd sourcing, and many more. the series is called ‘Behind the Buzzwords‘. These hilarious, and educational, illustrations are food for thought not only for those tech-savvy nerds who can easily comprehend these internet terms…


Illustration Series Depicting Famous Bald Heads in Pop Culture

Brazilian illustrator Mr. Peruca has recently created a humorous collection of illustrations that feature some of the most distinctive and famous bald heads from popular culture. Gloriously entitled Notorious Baldies, the series features such diverse characters as Yoda and Darth Maul from Star Wars, Homer Simpson, Bane, Charlie Brown, and even Pinhead from Hellraiser. Here they are: Notorious Baldies Illustration…