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Archimachine – Illustrated Architectural Machines that Represent 17 Countries

Architect and artist Federico Babina believes that the architecture of a country plays a big part in its culture. His recent illustration series, entitled ‘Archimachine‘, perfectly depicts this sentiment. Federico has created 17 visually stunning illustrated architectural machine representations of countries from around the world. The mechanical components of these machines are represented by examples of that particular country’s architecture,…


Hilarious and Clever Illustrations of Common Phrases

Graphic designer Abdul Latif Nabhan has created a fantastic series of clever and hilarious minimalistic illustrations based on common household objects, that represent some of our most common everyday phrases. These ridiculously simple illustrations collectively showcase Nabhan’s brilliant insight for conceptual design. Putting the design and charm aside, these clever illustrations are hilarious. Some of my favourites include the ‘Just…


The Mysterious Noir Superhero Series Art

Ted Grant has rightly said that “when you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” Keeping this quote in mind, the mysterious black & white noir superhero series by Marko Manev has captured our hearts. By draining out colors and adding some glorious vintage noir effects…


The Unique and Humorous Illustrated Caricatures from Graphicurry

Digital artist Prasad Bhat, the brainchild of the Graphicurry design agency, has designed an impressive series of illustrated caricatures from popular television series’ and movies that beautifully combine his unique cartoon design style with a huge splash of satirical humor. Some of his original artwork include the main characters from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, a fantastic ensemble…


Cosmopolis – An Inspiring Collection of Major City Illustrations

Mexican artist Aldo Crusher has recently designed an inspiring collection of illustrations of all the major cities of the world, entitled “Cosmopolis“. He has combined his unique conceptual illustration style, which is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, and shapes to represent buildings and famous monuments of each metropolis, with beautiful colors. The exuberant use of colors…


The History and Design Evolution of Official Wimbledon Programmes

The All England Lawn Tennis Championships started at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet (AELTC) Club in Wimbledon, London. Out of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments in the world, it is considered the oldest tennis tournament in the world, starting in 1877. Other Grand Slam tournaments started later, with the US Open starting in 1881, the French Open…


Minimal Character World Cup Illustrations

To commemorate and to help promote this years World Cup in Brazil, Spanish design studio Hey and UK designer Dave Sedgwick collaborated to create a limited edition book entitled ‘Gol!‘. The book features their trademark minimal character illustrations, with descriptions and profiles of the most popular players from each of the 32 nations playing in the tournament. The book features…