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Russian Illustrator Gives New Life to Caricature Art

Caricature drawing has always been one of the arduous forms of digital art but this didn’t stop a Russian artist from putting something fresh and new on the board. Viktor Miller-Gausa, an illustrator from St. Petersburg, Russia has given a new dimension to the caricature art. Using the special brush tool in Adobe Photoshop, Viktor has digitally painted famous Hollywood…


Iron Man Digital Art Mashup Series by Bosslogic

Recently, I came across the digital mashup artwork of Australian graphic artist Kode Abdo, AKA the ‘Bosslogic’. Kode is quite a celebrity in the world of digital arts, with his work being featured on a number of great design magazines. Most of his work focuses on either TV or comic book characters. His ‘Iron Man mashup series‘ instantly caught the…


Beautiful Corporate Identities for Your Inspiration

Any means of communication, whether that be business cards or letterheads, or any means of advertising, such as posters and brochure, or any digital media representation, such as a website or an application, comes under the title of brand or corporate identity. As you can imagine, creating and maintaining a consistent brand identity across all mediums can be a monumental…


‘Sketch the Life’ Inspirational Photo Manipulation Project by Sebastien Grosso

Photo manipulation has been widely used to add an extra bit of creativity into photographs. Although it’s not widely popular among traditional photographers. But when done correctly, photo manipulation can give a whole new life to an old photograph. We recently came across the work of a French artist and photographer who has manipulated his self-portraits quite brilliantly. Sebastien del…


Designer Illustrates 62 Breaking Bad Posters Based on Each Episode

Hungarian designer Zsolt Molnar spent over 5 months illustrating each and every episode of the AMC’s hit TV Show ‘Breaking Bad’. Zsolt admits that he was mesmerized with the depth of the show and spent almost 400 hours creating the posters, with each episode taking up to 6.5 hours per poster. Zsolt’s designs were based on specific markers that surrounded…


The Literal Movie Poster Series

Designer Danish Ahmed recently took a very close look at a selection of popular movie titles and then, taking their literal meaning, created a poster for each movie. The highly original poster series has been called ‘Literal Movie Posters’, and as you will see from all of the posters below, they ‘literally’ do take things to-the-letter. He has illustrated a…


Cinematics – An Illustrated Collection of Classic Films and Characters

As an experimental personal project, Brazilian graphic designer Pier Paolo has recently created what he calls ‘a timeline of classic films and characters’ entitled Cinematics. Designed in his own unique style, Cinematics is an illustrated collection of characters (and short animated movie) from some of those movie moments we all fondly remember. You will find such diverse characters as Charlie…


Raposters – A Classic Rap Music Poster Everyday for 100 Days

Last year French designer Zaven Najjar set himself the laborious task of redesigning, in his own unique style, a classic rap music poster everyday for 100 days. Dr Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Tupac, and many, many more are all in there. He has inventively called the completed 100 poster series Raposters, and they can all be found…