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Road to World Cup – Creative Football Player Illustrations

California based graphic designer Manu Faves has been incorporating a vintage nostalgia with a modern twist into his designs for over fifteen years. His recent project on football players ‘Road to World Cup‘ has caught our attention in which he has brilliantly created cartoonish illustrations of some of the anticipated big names in world football that you will be [hopefully]…


Thought-Provoking Conceptual Illustrations from Davide Bonazzi

Italian illustrator, Davide Bonazzi has in recent years created an impressive portfolio of thought-provoking conceptual illustrations, covering provocative topics such as global security, proportionality of criminal offences & penalties, racism in football, comparison of old and new journalism, and many more. Without ever taking a pro or con stance, his remarkable illustrations will remain in your mind for a long…


Great Moments in Football History Illustration Series

Football fan and designer Osvaldo ‘Oz’ Casanova has recently created a uniquely designed football history illustration series covering some the most famous, and sometimes infamous, moments in world football from the last 50 or so years. Does anybody remember the day Eric Cantona kung-fu kicked a fan? How about the ‘scorpion kick’ from Rene Higuita at the old Wembley? Nobody…


ESPN World Cup Posters

World Cup excitement is rising. Recently we came across (via Business Insider) the work of Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueira who was hired by ESPN to design posters for all of the national teams that would be participating in 2014’s Brazilian world cup. And he simply nailed it. Combining his natural design-style and love of football, Siqueira has created some of…


Modern Romance – Sarcastic Illustrations of Love in the Digital Era

Donna Choi, a Brooklyn based illustrator has created a weekly series of illustrations, entitled >Modern Romance. The series is based on modernized, or should I say digitized, love, through which she artistically expresses her ‘fascination’ with lust and passion in the modern digital era. To describe it all in her own words ‘It is reviled by strangers and exes alike.’…


Russian Illustrator Gives New Life to Caricature Art

Caricature drawing has always been one of the arduous forms of digital art but this didn’t stop a Russian artist from putting something fresh and new on the board. Viktor Miller-Gausa, an illustrator from St. Petersburg, Russia has given a new dimension to the caricature art. Using the special brush tool in Adobe Photoshop, Viktor has digitally painted famous Hollywood…


Iron Man Digital Art Mashup Series by Bosslogic

Recently, I came across the digital mashup artwork of Australian graphic artist Kode Abdo, AKA the ‘Bosslogic’. Kode is quite a celebrity in the world of digital arts, with his work being featured on a number of great design magazines. Most of his work focuses on either TV or comic book characters. His ‘Iron Man mashup series‘ instantly caught the…