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The Illustration Portfolio of Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson is an English born illustrator that currently lives and works in Dublin. He works mainly in the areas of packaging, advertising and illustrating children’s books.His impressive body of work has a unique nostalgic/retro style mixed in with vintage color schemes throughout and has garnered over 30 prestigious international awards over the years. Sit back and admire this selection…


The Inspiring Quote Illustration Project

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” — Nelson Mandela There you have it, one statement that has the power to inspire and motivate millions. What about creativity? Oh, even better. How about combining it with famous inspiring quotes? Yes, this has been done fairly recently by Tang Yau Hoong. Tang has put together a gallery incorporating quotes into illustrations….

The New Vibrant Avatars from Flickr

If you have’t already noticed, Flickr has recently underwent a major redesign. Among other things such as a terabyte of disk space and a new and inspired user interface, Flickr has also recreated one of those tiny details that are generally forgotten or dismissed by otherswe are of course talking about the often ignored avatar. With the new design, Flickr…


Creative Typographic CD Cover Designs

“You can judge a book by its cover” — ehm… this does not apply exclusively to books. Covers cast the first impression of every product, and if the cover is not motivating enough, the product itself gets little to no attention. If you were looking for inspiration or ideas regarding cover design, look no further! Today, we have compiled 30…


30 Amazing Robots Illustrations

Today, we have a very special and one-of-a-kind showcase for you, dear reader. Robots illustrations! Yes, that’s right. Some of these illustrations are cute, others are scary, still others are ultra modern. Irrespective of the type, these robot illustrations will surely impress and inspire you. Enjoy! Robot Runamuck Ringo Solitudo Robot Wheelie Robot Nokia Illustration Quikitsujin Gundam Mech Down in…

40 Creative and Unique World Map Remakes

For today’s gallery, we have 40 uniquely designed World map remakes for you. Some maps have been designed using only the creative imagination of the designer allowing you a brief glimpse into how they each view the World and using some uncommon art materials such as water, a tangerine peel and, even Lego. Others, while no less creative, have been…