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21 Reimagined Cult Movie Posters

There’s something about cult films that begs for interpretation. Whether it’s their odd themes or quirky actors, cult movies are great fodder for artists’ imaginations. I think it’s because B movies, horror slapsticks and fantastical tales just get better over time – as we watch these films over and over, we pick up more imagery as we memorize the dialogue….

50 Illustrated Desktop, iPad and iPhone Wallpapers

Your desktop wallpaper probably says a lot about who you are. It could be your ideal holiday destination, a beautiful picture that you’ve taken or your beloved family members. Your desktop wallpaper can represent that whimsical side of yourself that just wants to break free at work, it could be the inner grafitti artist in you or it could be…

30 Beautifully Colorful Typographic Book Cover Designs

Typography is one of the most useful and important tools in the graphic design toolbox. It is even more interesting when it is applied to the very source of words, ie. Books. In this article we have a collection of typography based book cover designs. With this collection we hope to inspire and demonstrate how important and creative typography can…