Utilizing jQuery UI Animations for Neat Page Effects

If you’re familiar developing in JavaScript then you must know about jQuery. It’s an extremely powerful library allowing you to write much simpler code and express the same end result. This trend has split off into a few sister projects, one of which being the jQuery UI Library. This script allows developers to quickly animate with precision using custom functions….

Five Alternative Careers for Designers

All these alternative careers for designers are Web-related and presumably it will be easier for you to make the switch but of course, if you are totally fed up with HTML, CSS, .PNG, and the like, you can make a U-turn and go into a totally unrelated area. Here the choice is basically endless and it all depends on the…

Bing & Google Recommend Responsive Web Design

With so many conflicting views in the SEO community as to whether it is best to design a separate mobile site or make your site responsive, I thought I should take a look at what Google & Bing recommend. They are the two biggest search engines, so following their guidelines makes sense.

An In-Depth Understanding of WordPress Hooks

Say the phrase “WordPress hooks,” and any novice developer will almost invariably balk and begin fretting over how difficult it is to understand implement these advanced pieces of code in independent plugins and theme-specific functions.php files. This might be because there are simply so many WordPress hooks to be learned, or it might be because using them to modify the…

50 Creative Typographic Portraits

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what’s a picture of words worth? In the hands of some, far more still. Typographic Portraits combine the specifics of an image with the communicative power of words. They can capture an idea, or express the essence of a person’s state of being, in a way that is hard to match in…

Pros and Cons of Developing Plugins While Hosting them at the WordPress Repository

For nearly a decade, WordPress has been developed as an open source content management system, able to easily respond to changes and new demands in the marketplace. It is because of this flexibility and community development method that the software was easily able to grow and expand to serve more than 60 million users and 15,000 developers around the world…

The Zen Den – Amplifying Productivity (Developer Edition)

Productivity is a matter of habits. A developer-centric approach should seek to maximize it without impinging on the unique demands of a ‘programmer’s lifestyle’. Productivity tips that might apply for the general masses often need to be turned upside down to meet the needs of a programmer. Case in point: most productivity experts suggest working in an airy, well-lit room….