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It has only been around for only a short while, but Vine, Twitter’s new video sharing app, is already a major success. Instead of taking pictures, applying filters and writing insightful posts in 140 characters or less, people are able to explore their artistic potential by creating six-second looping video clips that are incredibly easy to share.

Vine from Twitter

Take a look at some of the most creative and inspirational ‘Vines’ below:

How to Get Carried Away With your Imagination

Ian Padgham’s “How to get carried away with your imagination” is a stunning example of creativity on Vine. Ian shows us an artist’s wooden doll that forms a paper plane that flys from the rooftops into the distance.

How to Finish a Friday Fight in a London Pub

Again from Ian Padgham, this one features an artist’s wooden dummy having one pint too many in a London pub.

Drawing a Rubber Egg

The amazing fluidity of Pinot’s stop-motion drawings is what makes them so captivating. The combination of real life objects and sketches gives this clip a touch of magic.

How to Stay Creative

Brita Lynn Thompson gets creative using a sharpie and an artist’s wooden doll. Her unique approach to sketching is fun and exciting as the video concludes with the doll pointing his sharpie directly at the viewer.

Life is an Infinite Step to The Top

Once again Pinot shows his innovative skills with this remarkable hand-drawn staircase that he climbs using his fingers.

My New Limited Edition T-Shirt

Immanuel shows us how to unfurl a t-shirt in this intriguing clip.

How to Draw a Tree

Who thought planting a tree could be so easy? Leah Scott-Kirby shows us how to create and grow a tree in seconds in this magnificent video.


Stan delivers this detailed and nostalgic hand-drawn Nintendo running a game of Tetris.

Bit.Fall von Julius Popp

Cogries shows us an extraordinary fountain that uses water to write messages. Have a look, this is amazing.

Mad Scientist: Whoa – Go Back Inside

Artismia’s “Mad Scientist” certainly lives up to its title. His use of puppets and hand-drawn art of a man climbing out of a hole provides an unnerving combination.

The Downsizer

“The Downsizer” by Yell Design shows you how to shrink an iPad into an iPhone with a single touch.

Duuu Dah

Noosh Studios turns this charcoal drawing of a shark into a woodcut carving in seconds. He appropriately captioned this clip “Duuu Dah” – a reference to the music from the classic 1975 thriller “Jaws”.

Portrait of My Father

Lawrence Becker’s gift to his father couldn’t be any more creative. The clip switches between a portrait and illustrations to produce an amazing way to expand his father’s vinyl collection.

Cosby Pudding Portrait

Alicia Herber uses a plate as her canvas and pudding as her paint to form this wonderful portrait of Bill Cosby.

Some Baby Portraits

Lawrence Becker is back with another great video, this time featuring baby portraits. He takes the photos and intercuts them with his own illustrated versions.

8-bit Super Mario

This fun clip brings the classic game Super Mario Bros to life using everyday items from the kitchen. This is great evidence that there really is inspiration all around us.

Spider Man

Giray presents a fun, quirky video that brings the online and real worlds together by making an amusing Spider Man figurine run right out of his laptop screen.

A Tunnel to another Universe

With just a pencil and paper, Pinot generates a moving optical illusion with what he calls ‘a tunnel to another universe.’

Liquid Pencil

Pinot plays with the boundaries of reality again, this time to create a stunning “liquid pencil” that disappears into the paper leaving a water-like ripple.

Crazy What a Little Soap, Milk, and Food Colouring Can Do

Brita Lynn Thompson reveals how art can be formed using milk, soap and food colouring in this inspirational video.

With Vine still in its infancy, it will be interesting to see how people will utilise it in the future. The current variety of clips is certainly amazing with lots more still to come.

Have you seen any other creative and inspirational Vine clips that should be on the list? Please share them in the comments.

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