20 Reimagined Cult Movie Posters

By on Graphic Inspiration

There’s something about cult films that begs for interpretation. Whether it’s their odd themes or quirky actors, cult movies are great fodder for artists’ imaginations. I think it’s because B movies, horror slapsticks and fantastical tales just get better over time – as we watch these films over and over, we pick up more imagery as we memorize the dialogue. A seemingly unimportant scene all of a sudden stands out on the 11th viewing.

It’s one thing to have old movie posters on your walls – they always invite a nostalgic conversation with visitors. But a reimagined movie poster is a different type of attention-getter. Now you have original art that captures one scene, a special character or a theme. And the best part is, reinterpreted film posters often blend in better in the dining room than a glaring official poster with its screaming fonts. To paraphrase The Dude in “The Big Lebowski,” an artist’s film poster could really tie the room together.

Here are 20 reimagined cult movie posters I would love to hang up in my home.

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The Big Lebowski (Source: Ibraheem Youssef)

The Big Lebowski

Cujo (Source: Extreme Canvas)


Heathers (Source: Chris Thornley)


A Clockwork Orange (Source: David Johnston & David Ellis)

A Clockwork Orange

Batman Returns (Source: Tom Whalen)

Batman Returns

Reservoir Dogs (Source: Grischa Stanjek)

Reservoir Dogs

Labyrinth (Source: Travis Pitts)


The Birds (Source: Laz Marquez)

The Birds

The Goonies (Source: Jerod Gibson)

The Goonies

Edward Scissorhands (Source: N.C. Winters)

Edward Scissorhands

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Source: Brandon Schaefer)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Back to the Future (Source: Emma Butler)

Back to the Future

The Evil Dead (Source: Olly Moss)

The Evil Dead

Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (Source: Todd Slater)

Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn

Army of Darkness (Source: Tom Whalen)

Army of Darkness

Blue Velvet (Source: Will Thomas)

Blue Velvet

Rocky Horror Picture Show (Source: Ken Taylor)

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Breakfast Club (Source: Dan Fritschie)

The Breakfast Club

Machete (Source: David Choe)


Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (Source: Casey Weldon)

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Night of the Creeps (Source: Jon Smith)

Night of the Creeps