50 Creative Typographic Portraits

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what’s a picture of words worth? In the hands of some, far more still. Typographic Portraits combine the specifics of an image with the communicative power of words.

They can capture an idea, or express the essence of a person’s state of being, in a way that is hard to match in terms of interest and visual appeal.

The images in this gallery are sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Colorful, or bleak. But all express themselves in a way unique to typographic portraits.

Bob Marley

Dr. Jose Rizal

Typographic Retro

A Man of His Word

Typographic Portrait by Carlo’s

I Give you Desire

I Speak Alone

Kapunahele Wong

Einstein Word Portrait


Typographic Self Portrait

Worth a Thousand Words

Snoop Dogg

Charles Heureaux

Che Guevara

Lennon Portrait

Kurt Cobain

Friedrich Nietzsche

Lyric Portrait

Mahatma Gandhi


Michael Jordan

Nick Cave


Thom Yorke


Typographic Faces

Typographic Portrait


Che Guevara



Michael Jackson

My Classmate and Pal

Sharon den Adel

Steven Paul

Lady Gaga


Typography Portrait

Typography By Leo

My Personal Story

What Time is it Now..

Typographic Portrait By Marko

Self Portrait

Christmas Card

A Typographic Portrait

Too Much Pressure

Typographic Seobaby

This is me..

Bob Typographic Portrait


  • Elaslaoui Weiss

    Amazing -THX

  • Using fonts for portraits became one of the trends these days in many advertising. I see so many of them in TV, posters and prints. Your sample above are very great for inspiration

  • Guest

    These are absolutely AMAZING!

  • suztv

    I love these portraits.  The set you’ve provided here gives me so many ideas.  Especially as a mograph artist – I can totally see these moving etc.  Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Antonytoldo

    this is great.. tips on how i can design mine

  • Sompu Puntong


  • i have words written in cursive from the victorian era and up to the 1940’s. I would like to use with a photo to make a typographic portrait. Any ideas about how to do this?