The tremendous thing about the design community is that we all love to share. We really do. Whether we share our thoughts and ideas via an in-depth article, or by giving advice/feedback on a forum, or even by freely offering high-quality resources. The sharing is what makes our community truly great! Here are this months web designer freebies:

The Web Designer Toolbox
Unlimited Downloads: 500,000+ Web Templates, Themes, Plugins & Design Assets

Free UI Kits

Flat Responsive Vector Mockup (AI)

web designers freebie Flat Responsive Vector Mockup AI may

Flat Responsive Vector Mockup →

Sketch Foundation Kit (Sketch)

freebie for designers Sketch Foundation Kit Sketch may

Sketch Foundation Kit →

iPhone Vector Wireframing Toolkit (AI)

web designers free iPhone Vector Wireframing Toolkit AI may

iPhone Wireframing Toolkit →

Sketch Android Kit (Sketch)

freebie for designers Sketch Android Kit Sketch may

Sketch Android Kit →


web designers free UI KIT PSD may


Web Design UI Elements (PSD)

freebie for designers Web Design UI Elements PSD may

Web Design UI Elements →

Free Icon Sets

Themify Icons (320 Icons, PSD & Icon Font)

web designers free Themify Icons 320 Icons PSD Icon Font may

Themify Icons →

Linea Iconset (640 Icons, PNG, SVG & Icon Font)

freebie for designers Linea Iconset 640 Icons PNG SVG Icon Font may

Linea Iconset →

SEO Vector Icons (36 Icons, AI & EPS)

web designers free SEO Vector Icons 36 Icons AI EPS may

SEO Vector Icons →

The TWENTY Icon Set (20 Icons, AI)

freebie for designers The TWENTY Icon Set 20 Icons AI may

The TWENTY Icon Set →

Payment Method Webfont (34 Icons, Icon Font)

web designers freebie Payment Method Webfont 34 Icons Icon Font may

Payment Method Webfont →

iOS7-Style Industrial Icons (66 Icons, PSD, EPS, PNG & SVG)

freebie for designers iOS7-Style Industrial Icons 66 Icons PSD EPS PNG SVG may

iOS7-Style Industrial Icons →

Feather Icons (130 Icons, PSD, CSH, SVG & Webfont)

web designers free Feather Icons 130 Icons PSD CSH SVG Webfont may

Feather Icons →

Flat Line Icons (50 Icons, AI, EPS & Icon Font)

freebie for designers Flat Line Icons 50 Icons AI EPS Icon Font may

Flat Line Icons →

Ecommerce and Shopping Icons (70 Icons, AI, EPS & PSD)

web designers free Ecommerce and Shopping Icons 70 Icons AI EPS PSD may

Ecommerce and Shopping Icons →

Flat Icons 2 (28 Icons, PNG & ICNS)

freebie for designers Flat Icons 2 28 Icons PNG ICNS may

Flat Icons 2 →

Stroke Icons (100 Icons, AI & PNG)

web designers free Stroke Icons 100 Icons AI PNG may

Stroke Icons →

3px Icons Set (80 Icons, AI & PSD)

freebie for designers 3px Icons Set 80 Icons AI PSD may

3px Icons Set →

Stroke Icons (80 Icons, PSD, AI & Icon Font)

web designers free Stroke Icons 80 Icons PSD AI Icon Font may

Stroke Icons →

Odincons 1.0 (100 Icons, PSD)

freebie for designers Odincons 1.0 100 Icons PSD may

Odincons 1.0 →

Smart Device Icons (100 Icons, SVG & PNG)

web designers freebie Smart Device Icons 100 Icons SVG PNG may

Smart Device Icons →

Free Templates & Themes

BigFoot Template (HTML & CSS)

freebie for designers BigFoot Template HTML CSS may

BigFoot Template →

Crisp Theme (Ghost Theme)

web designers freebie Crisp Theme Ghost may

Crisp Theme →

Bricks Responsive Theme (WordPress)

freebie for designers Bricks Responsive Theme WordPress may

Bricks Responsive Theme →

Multipurpose Landing Page Template (PSD)

web designers free Multipurpose Landing Page Template PSD may

Multipurpose Landing Page Template →

Business Theme (PSD)

freebie for designers Business Theme PSD may

Business Theme →

Resolution Multi Purpose Theme (WordPress)

web designers free Resolution Multi Purpose Theme WordPress may

Resolution Multi Purpose Theme →

Profile Screen Template (Sketch)

freebie for designers Profile Screen Template Sketch may

Profile Screen Template →

Free Backgrounds

Blurred Backgrounds Mega-Pack (40 Backgrounds)

web designers free Blurred Backgrounds Mega-Pack 40 Backgrounds may

Blurred Backgrounds Mega-Pack →

Colorful Polygon Backgrounds

freebie for designers Colorful Polygon Backgrounds may

Colorful Polygon Backgrounds →

Free Actions & Filters

Halftone Automator Photoshop Actions

web designers free Halftone Automator Photoshop Actions may

Halftone Automator Photoshop Actions →

Engrave Photoshop Filter

freebie for designers Engrave Photoshop Filter may

Engrave Photoshop Filter →

Free Patterns & Textures

Seamless Vector Topographic Map Patterns (8 Patterns)

web designers free Seamless Vector Topographic Map Patterns may

Seamless Vector Topographic Map Patterns →

Halftone Texture Pack

freebie for designers Halftone Texture Pack may

Halftone Texture Pack →

Grungy Metal Textures (6 Textures)

web designers free Grungy Metal Textures 6 Textures may

Grungy Metal Textures →

Free Brushes

Photoshop Cloud Brushes (8 Brushes)

web designers free Photoshop Cloud Brushes 8 Brushes may

Photoshop Cloud Brushes →

Free Vector Packs

Comprehensive Office Environment & Tools Vector Pack (EPS & AI)

freebie for designers Comprehensive Office Environment Tools Vector Pack EPS AI may

Office Environment & Tools Vector Pack →

Vector Flat Animals (AI & EPS)

web designers free Vector Flat Animals AI EPS may

Vector Flat Animals →

Vector Elements & Badges (PSD, AI & EPS)

freebie for designers Vector Elements Badges PSD AI EPS may

Vector Elements & Badges →

Hand Drawn Vector Ribbons (AI & EPS)

web designers freebie Hand Drawn Vector Ribbons AI EPS may

Hand Drawn Vector Ribbons →

Free Fonts & Typefaces

Source Serif Pro (Webfont)

freebie for designers Source Serif Pro Webfont may

Source Serif Pro →


web designers free Primiterus font may

Primiterus →

Garnata Display

freebie for designers Garnata Display font may

Garnata Display →

Glober Thin & Bold(Webfont)

web designers free Glober Webfont may

Glober →

Misc Templates & Mockups

Charts and Diagrams Kit (PSD)

freebie for designers Charts and Diagrams Kit PSD may

Charts and Diagrams Kit →

Flat Style Squared Preloaders (GIF, AEP & PNG)

web designers free Flat Style Squared Preloaders GIF AEP PNG may

Flat Style Squared Preloaders →

Responsive Vector Device Mockups (EPS)

web designers free Responsive Vector Device Mockups EPS may

Responsive Vector Device Mockups →

Hand Illustrated Vintage Shapes (PSD)

freebie for designers Hand Illustrated Vintage Shapes PSD may

Hand Illustrated Vintage Shapes →

iPad Mockups (PSD)

web designers freebie iPad Mockups PSD may

iPad Mockups →

Brand Identity Mockup Template (PSD)

freebie for designers Brand Identity Mockup Template PSD may

Brand Identity Mockup Template →

Audio Session Kit (AI)

web designers free Audio Session Kit AI may

Audio Session Kit →

More Free Resources for Designers →