Star Warhols Posters – Combining Star Wars with the Art of Andy Warhol

What do you suppose you would get if you mixed Star Wars with the pop-art of Andy Warhol? Well, you are about to find out.

Designer Chungkong has created a truly unique and ‘fun series of posters’ cleverly called Star Warhols, that combine the popular characters from Star Wars with Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup. Amazing work. Check these out:

Star Warhols

star wars andy warhol yoda poster

star wars andy warhol r2-d2 poster

star wars andy warhol darth vader poster
Darth Vader

star wars andy warhol jango fett poster
Jango Fett

star wars andy warhol luke skywalker poster
Luke Skywalker

star wars andy warhol stormtrooper poster

star wars andy warhol boba fett poster
Boba Fett

star wars andy warhol C3P0 poster

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