How Do You Create the Perfect Portfolio?

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There’s more that goes into building an awesome, attention-getting portfolio than might appear on the surface. There are other ways to sell yourself, your services, or your products online, but a solid portfolio is by far the most effective way.

Web and UX designers, in particular, need a strong portfolio, because the work they do is all about image. Prospective clients or employers aren’t about to pour through pages of text, even if images accompany that text.

A portfolio that features a random accumulation of your best efforts, or worse yet, the bulk of your work, isn’t much better.

You want to be able to present a portfolio that looks like it has been designed by a professional, for the simple reason that doing so will mark you as a professional.

As you will see, an exceptional portfolio is more than a collection of the results of your best efforts. An exceptional portfolio says something about you, and it can tell a story.

Why a Brilliantly-Designed Portfolio Can Help Your Business

Be Theme B&W Pre-made portfolio
Be Theme B&W Pre-made portfolio

In the IT world of website and UX design, portfolios are relative newcomers. Building a portfolio was an idea that, for whatever reason, took some time to stick. Today, having a portfolio is imperative for the professional designer. Having the right tools to design an outstanding one is important as well, but before we get to that, let’s take a quick look at several other things you will need to take into account.

  • Having a rock-solid portfolio is important. What does “rock-solid” imply? It’s a portfolio that gives a prospective client the means to assess your range and depth of skills, as well as assessing the quality of your products or services. 15 to 20 portfolio items is about the right number. Too few can make you appear to be an amateur; too many can overwhelm a viewer.
  • Never include anything but your best work. One mediocre example could easily become the one a viewer focuses on most. That’s not good for your prospects.
  • Categorize your portfolio, and make it navigable. Viewers should be able to find what is of greatest importance to them in in less than a minute.
  • Include your best testimonials. A brief testimonial that tells a small story carries more impact than “nice work.”
  • Keep the layout simple. It makes your portfolio look more professional. Clutter can hurt.

Examples of Beauty, Simplicity, and Elegance

Be Digital
Be Digital

Be Web Design
Be Web Design

The first thing to notice about these and the following examples, is how Be Theme‘s pre-built websites creatively allocate space for a business’s UVP (unique value proposition). You’ll also see how these layouts tend to draw a viewer in and make that viewer want to look for more. These pre-designed websites are especially valuable for use by UX designers and others who may not have a strong background in visual design.

What are the Key Things Clients Expect?

To fully answer that question, you have to know your audience, but there are some basic things to take into account:

  • Let your portfolio content tell a story. Clients are interested in what you’ve accomplished, but they also want to know how you got there.
  • Highlight key elements. Assume your viewers will lose interest if they don’t find what they are looking for within a minute.
  • Focus on details. As viewers begin to show interest, they will also begin to give your portfolio greater scrutiny. Attention to detail applies to navigability as well.

Be Parallax
Be Parallax

This pre-built website type can be a great aid in telling a story. A presentation utilizing parallax is a bit like presenting an infographic in motion. Above all, the use of parallax is a great way to capture and keep a viewer’s attention.

Be Portfolio
Be Portfolio

Be Portfolio illustrates why with Be Theme, it’s not a problem to create a solid, professional portfolio, and one that tells a story; as opposed to a portfolio that presents little more than a random selection of accomplishments.

The image also shows the importance of simplicity, while at the same time informing, and when appropriate, entertaining.

Be Theme’s Pre-Built Websites are More Popular than Ever

Be Themes Pre-Built Websites are More Popular than Ever

These four example represent just a fraction of what Be Theme, by far the biggest WordPress theme, has to offer in the way of awesome pre-built websites. There are in fact over 170 of them, with more being added every month!

While the examples shown here are excellent picks for the respective website themes, the choices open to you are much, much larger.

Browse the entire collection, and you will see why Be Theme has you covered.

There’s much more to Be Theme than pre-built websites, most of which by the way are multiple-page affairs. Be is loaded with powerful features, like theMuffin 3 and Visual Composer page builders. Its powerful Admin Panel, the Shortcode Generator, and the Layout Configurator all contribute to your being able to have top-tier portfolio or portfolio website up and running in short order.

Visit the website , and you will understand why be is not only the biggest of the WordPress themes, but the most popular.