Flat Design Superheroes from Jeffrey Rau

If you love minimal design or superheroes (who doesn’t?), you are really going to love this gallery! Comic book fan Jeffrey Rau, a graphic artist from Lincoln, Nebraska, has recently released an impressive collection of superhero illustrations designed in a flat and minimal style.

Popular characters from The Avengers, the Justice League, the Fantastic Four, and even Hellboy are all covered. Check these out:

Flat Design Superheroes

flat design superheroes minimal Captain America
Captain America

flat design superheroes minimal Iron Man
Iron Man

flat design superheroes minimal Black Widow
Black Widow

flat minimal superheroes Thor

flat minimal superheroes Hulk
The Hulk

flat minimal superheroes Aquaman

flat minimal superheroes The Flash
The Flash

flat minimal superheroes Superman

flat minimal superheroes Batman

flat minimal superheroes Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

flat minimal superheroes Green Lantern
Green Lantern

flat minimal superheroes Mister Fantastic
Mister Fantastic

flat minimal superheroes Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman

flat minimal superheroes The Human Torch
The Human Torch

flat minimal superheroes The Thing
The Thing

flat minimal superheroes Abe Sapien
Abe Sapien

flat minimal superheroes Hellboy

flat minimal superheroes Liz Sherman
Liz Sherman

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  • Greg

    Mixed up Thing and Human Torch

  • Paul Andrew

    Fixed :-)

  • Hardy Reyes T.

    Antorcha Humana, que buenos diseños.

  • Haha this is so fun! The invisible woman got my attention.

  • awesome, loved it. Great renditions

  • Phil Rodriques

    Great work man!

  • Eyal

    beautiful, I like both worlds (superheroes and flat design) so i definitely like when they mix.

    In the same context, you might also like this work:


  • Haha, I love how superman is frowning, not a fan?

  • WOW..
    i love it… thanks for inspirations.. :)

  • wow wow i like it.