Dynamic and Vibrant Ghost-Like Football Illustrations


Mark Yesilevskiy, a designer from New York, has created a series of unique football illustrations that focus solely on the particular kit teams wore on a famously successful year or moment. With a twist.

Purposely taking the spotlight away from the individual, Mark has completely removed the players from the illustrations which has left behind a ghost-like, yet strangely dynamic and vibrant, appearance. Amazing stuff.

Ghost-Like Football Illustrations

Brazil 2002 football illustrations
Brazil 2002

France 1998 football illustrations
France 1998

Italy 2006 football illustrations ghost
Italy 2006

Manchester United 1994-1996 football kit illustration ghost
Manchester United 1994-1996

Barcelona 2010/11 football kit illustration
Barcelona 2010/11

LA Galaxy 2012/13 football kit illustration
LA Galaxy 2012/13

Bayern Munich 2013/14  football kit illustration
Bayern Munich 2013/14

Liverpool 1979-1979 football kit illustration ghost
Liverpool 1979-1979

Juventus 2012/13 football kit illustration
Juventus 2012/13

Arsenal 2001/02 football kit illustration
Arsenal 2001/02

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