Hilarious and Clever Illustrations of Common Phrases


Graphic designer Abdul Latif Nabhan has created a fantastic series of clever and hilarious minimalistic illustrations based on common household objects, that represent some of our most common everyday phrases. These ridiculously simple illustrations collectively showcase Nabhan’s brilliant insight for conceptual design.

Putting the design and charm aside, these clever illustrations are hilarious. Some of my favorites include the ‘Just in Case’ illustration where ‘Just’ is actually inside the case! So simple, yet so imaginative. Other brilliant concepts include the literal demonstration of ‘Time Flies’, and the ‘He’s so Cool’ artwork, where drinks are praising the ‘coolness’ of a cooler.

The Clever Illustrations of Marko Manev

clever illustrations ice cream
Ice Cream

hilarious illustration series Saving Money
Saving Money

smart art series Sunday

hilarious illustration series Crack Up
Crack Up

clever illustrations Confessions of a Shopaholic
Confessions of a Shopaholic

hilarious illustration series When Nature Calls
When Nature Calls

clever illustration series Time Flies
Time Flies

hilarious illustration series Dirty Talk!
Dirty Talk!

clever illustrations Safe!

hilarious illustration series Bored Board
Bored Board

smart art series Stay in Shape
Stay in Shape

hilarious illustration series Watch Out
Watch Out

clever illustrations Smoking Pot
Smoking Pot

hilarious illustration series Rib Cage
Rib Cage

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