Humorous Illustration Series on Irritating Conference Callers


Now I’m sure that quite a few of you guys will have been in invlolved in conference calls at some point or another, and I’m also sure that at some point or another you would have had to endure some of the characters that designer Micael Butial has portrayed in this character illustration series, that he has accurately entitled ‘Irritating Callers’.

I’ve been involved in quite a few conference calls, and yes I have met a few of these characters, I believe I might just be one of them myself. Not telling you which one though :-)

Irritating Callers

Irritating Callers Illustration funny the repeating everything everyone else already said guy

the irrelavant topics gal annoying call Illustration funny

annoying call Illustration funnythe completely unrelated anecdator guy

Irritating Callers humor the hello is this working gal

annoying call Illustration humor the wait i didnt get that document gal

annoying call Illustration humor the youth sports fanatic dad

annoying call Illustration funny the oh hey i am sorry i am late guy

Irritating Callers fatured screenshot the silent objector