The Mysterious Noir Superhero Series Art

Ted Grant has rightly said that “when you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”

Keeping this quote in mind, the mysterious black & white noir superhero series by Marko Manev has captured our hearts. By draining out colors and adding some glorious vintage noir effects to famous superheroes, Marko has attempted to reveal the true essence of these individuals.

The quality of his posters has proved to be rather more effective in portraying each superhero’s strength and powers as compared to traditional colored illustrations. Take a look at Superman’s poster (if you’re able to spot it), just by adding a little diagonal motion blur, Marko has managed to bring out the true intrinsic nature of Superman’s flying powers. The Superman poster leads the race for me, what do you guys think?

The Noir Superhero Series by Marko Manev

dark illustration photography captain america

concept art by Marko Manev Thor

dark illustration photography Ironman

noir Superhero Series by Marko Manev Hulk

dark illustration photography Wolverine

noir series by Marko Manev Spiderman

dark illustration photography Silver Surfer

concept art by Marko Manev Superman

dark illustration photography Batman

noir Superhero Series by Marko Manev The Xmen

dark illustration photography Catwoman

noir Superhero Series by Marko Manev Catwoman

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