Showcase of Beautifully Designed Charts & Graphs


Consider some of the examples below, including some fantastic charts and graph designs. These can be found all around the web and included on your own website if need be.

These can even be constructed dynamically with libraries such as jQuery and MooTools. And with HTML5/CSS3 standards moving towards the mainstream, it’s more common than ever before.

Both graphic designers and web developers are contributing their works to the global design of our Internet. If you have designed custom charts yourself or know of some fantastic resources please do share your ideas in the discussion area below.

Table in Progress

Pretty Little Pie Chart

Ring Chart


DDFreebie – Bar Graph


CloudFlare Analytics

ThermoGraph Graphic

Pie Chart Goodness

Timeline Concept

Aurora Forecast Chart

Dynamic Pie Chart

Clean Line Chart

Well-Being Tracker

iPhone App Graph

Visual Graph

Analytics Overview

Sweet Chart

Progress Screen

Media Infographic

Report Data

Annual Report Update

An Accessible Bar Chart

CSSPlay Bar Charts

The Graphs 2

Pure Css Line Graph

HighCharts JS

Pure CSS Timeline


Making Pretty Pie Charts in Illustrator

Snazzy Animated Pie Chart with HTML5 and jQuery

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