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Web Design Inspiration


10 Inspiring Examples of UI Style Guide Design

We share a fantastic collection of inspiring UI style guides that have all been perfectly crafted by each individual web designer.


Using Images to Enhance the CSS Hover Effect

Hover is one of the oldest selectors in the CSS family. While we are accustomed to believing that it only pairs up beautifully with a link, in fact it can…


20 Free Elegant Script Fonts for Designers

These free script fonts are a great way to add character and elegance to your designs that will allow you to convey many different emotions.


The Web Design Hack Hall of Fame

We celebrate some of the most useful and creative web design hacks from the past few years. They all, in one way or the other, helped push the boundaries of the web.


8 CSS & JS Snippets for Creating Stunning 403 Pages

Web designers have gotten used to turning errors into opportunities. It’s no secret that the common, most widely occurring (and surprisingly recognizable) HTTP status code 404, aka “Not Found,” was…


The Tiny Short Animation Trend in Web Design

We share some fantastic examples of short animations in web design. They make projects look stylish and the user experience enjoyable.


Get Real-Time Global Market Data with the marketstack Stock API

With over 125,000 available stock tickers and over 30 years of data, marketstack is a complete solution and brings the world of finance right to your door.


An Ode to Adobe Flash: How It Helped Move the Web Forward

Adobe Flash has had a remarkable lifespan on the web. We take a look back at what it has meant for web designers and web technologies in general.


12 Stunning Retro Neon Effects in Web Design

Evolved from the Geissler tube, the neon sign was a characteristic trait of America from the 1920s to the ’60s. It has marked several decades and created its own distinct…


10 Effective Examples of Using Over-Sized Titles in Web Design

We take a look at how designers utilize large headlines to convey a message. As you will see, there are many ways to successfully approach over-sized titles.


The Beauty of Ultra-Minimal Web Design

With ultra-minimal web design, every pixel has to be carefully arranged. They tend to be beautiful, take a look at this inspiring collection for yourself!


20 Beautiful Restaurant & Food Websites for Inspiration