Humorous Collection of Uninspiring Quote Posters


Scottish illustrator Linzie Hunter has recently created a humorous series of completely, as she calls them, ‘uninspiring posters’. Now when we say ‘uninspiring’, we’re not saying that the unique design of her posters are uninspired, actually it’s the complete opposite – they are inspiring, but the message they convey is categorically not inspiring.

‘Give Yourself an A for Average – You’ve Earned It’, ‘This Poster is Not Your Friend’ and ‘Get Ready For Some More of the Same’ are just some of the fantastically uninspired quotes Linzie shares with us. Have a look for yourself:

Uninspiring Quote Posters

Uninspiring Posters Linzie Hunter illustration

Uninspiring Linzie Hunter quotes illustration

Uninspiring quote posters illustration

Uninspiring Linzie Hunter illustration

Linzie Hunter Posters quotes illustration

Linzie Hunter Posters quotes illustration

Uninspiring quote Posters quotes illustration

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