Should Web Designers Be Using Data?

There are many web designers out there who have bucket-loads of talent, but sell themselves short because they haven’t picked up some basic skills that would help round out their business acumen.

Like any musician or author, being a talent is only half the job, how you get yourself out there is just as important.

So getting up to speed on a bit of Analytics can help a Web Designer show prospective clients just what they have achieved in the past, and keep current clients happy with their work.


There are many overly complex Analytics tools out there, like Tableau, but a simplified, streamlined one like Datadeck will appeal to most web designers. It is the best looking analytics tool available. It has a sleek and responsive design and, most importantly, it’s easy!

Should Web Designers Be Using Data

It does away with overly-complex and unneccecary functions, so you can pull in data in no time. On the sites you have helped design, you can start looking for any changes in traffic, bounce rates, conversion rates and other key metrics, in an attempt to show off how your work has managed to change the bottom line for your clients/company.

If you can prove that your work has earned them more money, then power to you. Of course, if you run your own websites and want to keep track of your visitors, or keep track of data generated by your social media pages or any advertising campaigns you run – it can all be shown in Datadeck too! It shows all your data in one place, so no more jumping between Facebook, Adwords, and Google Analytics accounts.

Get asked to create data visualizations a lot?

If you work as a web designer in-house somewhere, and are constantly asked to whip up some great looking charts for your company’s monthly meetings or client reports, then Datadeck is your new best friend.

Data visualization can be bland and ugly in many of the traditional tools available – Datadeck is focused on aesthetics. You could potentially save hours of work by being able to use the Datadeck dashboards for your meetings. And they update automatically! Boom!

Should Web Designers Be Using Data

What else does Datadeck do? And why haven’t I heard of it before?

Datadeck is comparitively new to the data visulisation market and, unlike some of the larger data platform companies out there, it’s created by a medium-sized company who can communicate directly with you, helping you get set up and acting as dedicated customer service representitives. Use any of these?:

Should Web Designers Be Using Data

Datadeck can suck in data from any of these data sources, and display the data in widgets that you choose. No more flicking between pages, see everything in one place, and modify date-ranges and key metrics like in any other data platform.

Perfect for monthly meetings and client reports. Get a free trial here and see what Datadeck can do for you.

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