30 Impressive Home Office Workstation Setups

Your home workstation has to be perfect. It has to be tailored to both your professional and personal needs. It has to have limited distractions. You have to have speedy access to all of the tools of your trade. And finally, it has to be a place that allows your creative juices to flow.

How you achieve this is entirely down to each person, there is no set outline for achieving home office perfection. But we have found some workstation setup that seem to have come pretty close to home bliss. Have a look at these beautiful set-ups below, you’ll be envious.

Home Office by misterplague

Home Office

All work, no play by Brad Gillette

All work, no play

Home Setup by LuckyRoller

Home Setup

Home office by kevinlamphoto

Home office

Mac Setup For University by Ryan J. Nicholson

Mac Setup For University

Apple Setup by psleda

Apple Setup September 2010

Where I work by Dennis C

Where I work

Home Office, 2010 by garrettmurray

Home Office, 2010

Workspace (Explored) by hellogeri

Workspace (Explored)

Workspace by Atonomie


Small Room by Snecx

Small Room

New Workstation by steve_price82

New Workstation

Workstation Side by ichirorabbit

Workstation Side

Hot as an oven by Louish Pixel

Hot as an oven

East Wall of office by steve_price82

East Wall of office

The (new) Famous Home Office by Stefan Didak

The (new) Famous Home Office

Work sleep space by HighDynamic

Work sleep space

mStand by Mona Alexandra Hirsch


Workspace by Haku1923


Workstation by arcadia image design


Office by callumchapman


Home Workspace – April 2011 by Chasethebase

Home Workspace - April 2011

Workstation by johnrichard2010


Workstation by Techhie


New workspace by jsmakr

New workspace

Command Center by ShawnMichael

Command Center

After by thattrain




New editing rig by StE823

New editing rig

Workstation by bcarpenterfhl



  • Hamzariaz96


  • Captain Kickarse

    I think 6 or monitors is a little extreme… At home I have 2 24″ monitors, ipad2 and an A3 Wacom tablet. All very conducive to doing good work..

  • Great … 

  • These posts always make me want to go improve my workstation.

  • Really like most of these set ups, just jealous that I don’t have one :o)

  • Kenzi White

    Just Apple, he was one of the most amazing people, salute to Steve Jobs! good-bye Jobs we will miss your innovation.

  • Sylhos

    Just beautiful

  • Hernan S. Godoy

    wenisimooooooooooooooo, justo lo que estaba buscando… unas ideas para diseñar mi lugar de trabajo….

  • Beats my tiny workstation stuck in the corner of the room next to the sofa… makes me feel like some sort of desk troll. 
    Trip to Ikea next on my list!

  • Nice! I love multiple monitors. Right now I have 3 for my desktop PC, laptop to the left of those,  and 2 Linux PC monitors above the 3 desktop monitors. 1 ring to rule them all with Synergy. :p

  • Wow, I think I’m a little jealous…great setups! I love the clear and frosted glass desks, they look so clean. I do wonder, what kind of work requires six screens?

  • Krishna

    no one using linux :| ?

  • The reason no one using linux is because linux is not for common user. using linux you have to understand working with terminal which common user won’t bother to learn it.

  • I sometimes use Linux :) Ubuntu :)

  • Here is mine :)

  • Nury Farelo Velasquez

    I saw one, Home Setup by LuckyRoller

  • wiredfixer

    Terminal? Are you Serious? For Facebook Navigation and other task for a “normal user” only need a web browser and Linux have a lot of them.

     Linux is for Common User Since Mandrake Linux… and then Ubuntu, Easy Peasy, Chrome OS, Jolicloud… and a large ETC.

  • wiredfixer

    Six Screens:

    – Web Developer
      One for Coding, other for Preview, other for the remote server, another for Videochat, Last Two for File Explorer and Facebook. :3

    – CCTV Manager
      All for cameras..

    – Music Composer
     2 or 3 for FL Studio / Cubase, 1 for File Manager.

    Maybe are extreme 6 Screens, but are really awesome :O

  • Scott L. Pray

    Mine. 19 inch monitor is connected to a KVM on my workbench to the left of this picture), 42 inch TV, four 24 inch monitors and Wacom 24HD all connected to my PC. I do IT work, gaming, videos and music all on my PC. often 2 or 3 things at once.

  • my favorite Workstation by johnrichard2010