History of the World Cup Illustration Series


Last week we drew your attention to the remarkable and provocative conceptual illustrations of Davide Bonazzi, this week, and with only seven days to go until the launch of the world cup, we take a look at his History of the World Cup illustration series. The series, designed again in Davide’s unique illustration style, celebrates the most important goal from the final game of every single world cup from 1930 to 2010.

Who can forget the Tradelli ‘urlo’ in 1982? Or Iniesta’s break-through goal against Holland in 2010? And yes, there is also the Geoff Hurst goal against West Germany in 1966, that may or may not have (it didn’t!) crossed the line. These illustrations are a true historical celebration of world cup football.

Only a few days ago, in the meantime enjoy these…

History of the World Cup Illustrations

Andres Iniesta Goal (Spain) – South Africa 2010

South Africa 2010 Andres Iniesta gives Spain their first world title World Cup Illustration

Marco Materazzi Goal (Italy) – Germany 2006

Germany 2006 Marco Materazzi equalizes the match with a header

Ronaldo Goal (Brazil) – Japan & South Korea 2002

South Korea-Japan 2002 Ronaldo beats Kahn and scores the first goal World Cup Illustration

Zinedine Zidane Goal (France) – France 1998

France 1998 Zinedine Zidane scores the first goal against brazil

Romario Goal (Brazil) – USA 1994

USA 1994 Romario scores his penalty kick against italy

Andreas Brehme (Germany) – Italy 1990

Italy 1990 Andreas Brehme scores the penalty kick against argentina World Cup Illustration

Jorge Burruchaga (Argentina) – Mexico 1986

Mexico 1986 Jorge Burruchaga scores the winning goal against west germany

Marco Tardelli (Italy) – Spain 1982

Spain 1982 Marco Tardelli scores the second goal against west germany

Mario Kempes (Argentina) – Argentina 1978

Argentina 1978 Mario Kempes scores his second goal against holland

Gerd Müller (West Germany) – West Germany 1974

West Germany 1974 Gerd Müller scores the last goal against holland

Pelé (Brazil) – Mexico 1970

Mexico 1970 Pelé scores the first goal heading in a cross by Rivelino against italy

Geoff Hurst (England) – England 1966

World Cup Illustration England 1966 Geoffrey Hurst scores the goal that never crossed the line in extra time against west germany

For all of the other goals, visit History of FIFA World Cup on Behance.