Weekly Graphic Design Inspiration – N.01

Graphic designers can draw inspiration from anything and everything. In this article I have gathered a series of designs from some of my favorite graphic designers and artists from which I have created many logo’s and designs myself, using their designs as inspiration and perhaps somewhat of a motivational tool to create my own pieces of art.

Here are 30 inspiring images/things/designs, categorized into the following 5 categories: Handmade Designs; Design for Print; Creative Photography; Logo Design; and Typographic Design.

#1 Handmade designs

#2 Design made for print

#3 Creative photography

#4 Logo & type designs

#5 Typographic design


To summarize, we designers can take inspiration from all things in life. These designs illustrate the range of designs from which I myself take inspiration from and have used to help me design logo concepts for clients. If anything I hope this will motivate you to keep designing and trying new styles and methods for your next project.

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