Free Responsive HTML5 Templates

Not only do the feature-rich responsive HTML5 templates we have for you today offer a fantastic platform for building your site upon, they also give you a rare learning opportunity to delve deeply into each of the templates code, allowing you to learn some of the latest responsive and HTML5 techniques. As well as their beautiful code, each of the templates has been built by using some of the most popular current design trends, meaning they that they will not look out of place wherever you choose to use them.

Here they are:

Responsive HTML5 Templates

Strongly Typed

responsive html5 templates Strongly Typed

Strongly Typed is a free responsive template with a minimal, semi-retro feel (it has been inspired by old instruction manuals) and, as you might guess from its name, it has a strong emphasis on type. It's fully responsive, built on HTML5/CSS3, and includes styling for all basic page elements.

Strongly TypedView Demo


responsive html5 templates Codester

Codester is a free responsive portfolio template built upon the Bootstrap framework. It does come with all of Bootstraps many add-ons and plugins making it interactive, easy to customize, upgradable and flexible enough to extend it to any level.


Brushed Template

responsive html5 templates Brushed Template

Brushed is one page responsive HTML template based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. It has been optimized for Retina Displays ( iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro Retina).

Brushed TemplateView Demo

Escape Velocity

responsive html5 templates Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is a free responsive HTML5 site template designed in a flat style.

Escape VelocityView Demo


responsive html5 templates Parallelism

Parallelism is a responsive site template for creating a gallery-style web site. Simply drop in your thumbnails and the template will not only resize them to create nice, uniform, masonry-like rows, but also adjust the number of rows to fit the viewport size.

ParallelismView Demo


responsive html5 templates Dopetrope

Dopetrope is a free responsive portfolio templates with flat and minimalistic styling.

DopetropeView Demo

Miniport Template

responsive html5 templates Miniport Template

Miniport is a fully responsive and free single-page portfolio template.

Miniport TemplateView Demo

Legend Responsive One Page Template

html5 responsive templates Legend Responsive One Page Template

Legend is a multi-purpose responsive one-page template built upon the Bootstrap framework. It does come with all of Bootstraps many add-ons and plugins making it interactive, easy to customize, upgradable and flexible enough to extend it to any level.

Legend Responsive One Page Template

Obscura HTML Template

html5 responsive templates Obscura HTML Template

Obscura HTML TemplateView Demo

Liquid Gem

html5 responsive templates Liquid Gem

Liquid Gem is a clean, fully responsive portfolio template. It also includes an image carousel, a fully working PHP contact form and a sample works page.

Liquid GemView Demo


html5 responsive templates Serendipity

Serendipity is a free and responsive single column blog template.

SerendipityView Demo

Varna Template

html5 responsive templates Varna Template

Varna is a free responsive and feature-rich personal portfolio template that has been designed in a flat and minimalist style.

Varna Template


html5 responsive templates Striped

Striped features a simple, fully responsive design, styling for pretty much all basic page elements (blockquotes, tables, lists, etc.), a sidebar you can position on either the left or right with just a single class change, and carefully crafted HTML5/CSS3 to make customizing it as quickly and simply as possible.

StripedView Demo

mnml Lightweight Template

html5 responsive templates mnml Lightweight Template

MNML is a starting point for responsive HTML5/SASS projects with its focus on mobile readability.

mnml Lightweight Template


html5 responsive templates Agency

Agency is a clean responsive HTML5 business portfolio template built upon Twitter Bootstrap.

AgencyView Demo

Fashion Template

html5 responsive templates Fashion Template

Fashion TemplateView Demo


html5 responsive templates Century

Century is a responsive HTML5 template with working portfolio sorting and audio player.


Responsive Wedding

responsive html5 templates Responsive Wedding

Responsive Wedding is a feature-rich HTML5 responsive template that uses jQuery Waypoints & Scroll To for a fluent single-page layout.

Responsive Wedding


responsive html5 templates Mori

Mori is a dark, minimalistic and responsive HTML5 free blog template.


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