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The History and Design Evolution of Official Wimbledon Programmes

The All England Lawn Tennis Championships started at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet (AELTC) Club in Wimbledon, London. Out of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments in the world, it is considered the oldest tennis tournament in the world, starting in 1877. Other Grand Slam tournaments started later, with the US Open starting in 1881, the French Open…


Skymetrics – Contrasting Minimal Urban Photography with a Beautiful Blue Sky

Neapolitan designer Lino Russo has recently published a photography series entitled Skymetrics. The project contrasts modern geometric, colorful architecture with a beautiful clear blue sky. The results are simply breathtaking. Describing his project, Lino said that what these shots have in common are a “completely square, regular and schematic, so achieving geometric shots in a minimalist context, where the simplicity…


Minimal Character World Cup Illustrations

To commemorate and to help promote this years World Cup in Brazil, Spanish design studio Hey and UK designer Dave Sedgwick collaborated to create a limited edition book entitled ‘Gol!‘. The book features their trademark minimal character illustrations, with descriptions and profiles of the most popular players from each of the 32 nations playing in the tournament. The book features…


Road to World Cup – Creative Football Player Illustrations

California based graphic designer Manu Faves has been incorporating a vintage nostalgia with a modern twist into his designs for over fifteen years. His recent project on football players ‘Road to World Cup‘ has caught our attention in which he has brilliantly created cartoonish illustrations of some of the anticipated big names in world football that you will be [hopefully]…


Thought-Provoking Conceptual Illustrations from Davide Bonazzi

Italian illustrator, Davide Bonazzi has in recent years created an impressive portfolio of thought-provoking conceptual illustrations, covering provocative topics such as global security, proportionality of criminal offences & penalties, racism in football, comparison of old and new journalism, and many more. Without ever taking a pro or con stance, his remarkable illustrations will remain in your mind for a long…


Great Moments in Football History Illustration Series

Football fan and designer Osvaldo ‘Oz’ Casanova has recently created a uniquely designed football history illustration series covering some the most famous, and sometimes infamous, moments in world football from the last 50 or so years. Does anybody remember the day Eric Cantona kung-fu kicked a fan? How about the ‘scorpion kick’ from Rene Higuita at the old Wembley? Nobody…