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Looking for some web design inspiration? In this extensive category you will find galleries and articles, covering all web design styles, that aim to inspire.

Showcase of HTML5-Powered Sites

HTML5 brings clear improvements to the web today, the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, specifically stresses that HTML5 is still in testing stages, and is scheduled to reach “Recommendation” stage (i.e. “release”), in 2014. Despite this, many developers have taken advantage of HTML5, as we’re about to see. HTML5 brings a slew of new features any web designer should be…

Simple and Minimalistic Scandinavian Web Design

Scandinavian design in general is known for being simple and minimalistic, from IKEA furniture, to Bang & Olufsen TVs, to interior design. Even Scandinavian fashion design, most notably Danish, is known for its simplicity. Many of those aspects of minimalism and simplicity have been inherited by web designers based in Scandinavia, as you’re about to see. We’ve gathered two dozen…

Examination of Japanese Website Design Trends

Japan plays host to some very impressive website designers. Their skills in the arts cannot be compared and demonstrate a powerful digital force among Internet readers. Luckily understanding how to read Japanese isn’t required to admire their website graphics and animation effects. We’ll be looking into a few Japanese website designs which have pushed the limits on conventional development. As…

30 Inspiring Niche Photography Websites to Explore

We are not suggesting for a moment, with this post, that your Android mobile device would be a good alternative as a development platform to your desktop or laptop. All it shows with the current apps available, that it could be and the potential for more is certainly there. Maybe not so much with a mobile, but if you have one of the many iPad-a-like Android tablets that are currently available it certainly could be a reality.

10 Shining Examples of Grid Based Web Design and Best Practices

The grid is not just a cool-sounding word (why sci-fi loves it), but it’s also an incredibly simple and effective principle for website design. By sticking to a grid, you can make your website look sexy and clean, have it be highly readable, scannable, and navigate-able for your visitors (increasing their chances of returning), and make it easier on yourself…

The Beauty of Minimalist Design: 5 Reasons to Include Less

Minimalism. The term is pretty divisive. Some think it’s a bunch of self-serving nonsense – a fancy label for a convoluted lifestyle design. Others swear by the principle, drastically improving their life and surroundings. Regardless of what you think of it, the fact is that there are benefits to be found within minimalism that can simplify and improve your designs….

A Review of Web Design Trends from 2010

The past year has shown us some magnificent growth in the web sector. Design innovation can be seen everywhere as the community of both web designers and application developers is on the rise. Trends are emerging from this budding community and they’re greatly shaping the future of our Internet. Below are a few references to some of the best design…