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Looking for some web design inspiration? In this extensive category you will find galleries and articles, covering all web design styles, that aim to inspire.

50 Fresh and Beautiful Ecommerce Websites II

Beautiful ecommerce websites are regularly referred to for web design inspiration by creative and experienced web developers. They are also being featured on various CSS website galleries, and in fact there are more than a few gallery sites that are solely dedicated showcasing beautiful and standards compliant shopping cart and ecommerce websites. With the exceptional flexibility for customization of ecommerce…

20 Web Dev Events, 20 Beautifully Crafted Web Designs

The initial idea for this article was to highlight all web design related events and conferences up until the end of 2010. As the article evolved, the primary focus and direction changed – no longer were we only highlighting some important and essential conferences, we soon realized we were privy to some truly inspirational and highly original examples of beautiful…

The Complete Web Design Style Series (700 Designs in 14 Categories)

Over the past year or so we have periodically published web design collections and inspirational showcases from the most popular and important design categories. In total there are 14 different and varied categories or styles and within each category there are 50 carefully chosen web designs (that is a total of 700 web designs). We have called this ‘complete’ inspirational…

50 Examples of Large Photography Backgrounds within Web Design

The first thing that springs to mind when thinking about large photography backgrounds within web design are of simple photographers portfolio website or even that of a design company. Upon researching this article, the surprising thing was that this type of background does not seem to have any limitations, it is equally suited to e-commerce sites, restaurant sites, web design agencies.. basically all types of web sites, as you will see from the collection below.

50 Examples of Creative 404 – Page Not Found Pages

There are two ways you can go when designing a 404 page for your website – you could go the sensible route and make it usable and try to help the reader find exactly what they were looking for or, you could design a 404 page that not only defines the character of the web site or the designer, but also makes it a pleasure and surprise. Its amazing the effect a sprinkle of humor and some creativity can have on someone and it will certainly make your site that little bit more memorable.

A Showcase of 50 Amazing Personal Blog Web Designs

The importance of a unique, memorable and well designed blog, especially within the design community, should not be underestimated – First impressions will always count and your blog gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills and highlight how professional and serious you are as a designer. For most web designers, designing an original blog shouldn’t be a problem, the…