20 New and Free Minimal WordPress Themes

All of the free minimal WordPress themes we have for you below are free and will work perfectly well straight-out-of-the-box (albeit with a few option panel tweaks), also the vast majority of them being responsive. But, putting the minimal styling aside, the real beauty of these themes, for designers and developers anyway, is that they are a fantastic starting point for further development and giving you the chance to view and learn first-hand professional and organised coding practices.

If you’re looking for newer and better free WordPress themes, including minimal themes, you should check out this article: 50 Beautiful and Free WordPress Themes.



Euclides is a theme that has been built for you guys who write tutorials online. It will display meta info about your tutorials (description, demo & download) and comes with support for syntax highlighting. It can also be used as a normal blof if required.
Euclides Download PageView the Demo

Origin (Responsive)

Origin Responsive

Origin is a simple and elegant theme with a responsive layout. The thought-out typesetting and spacious layout make the theme a solid choise for bloggers who want to offer a pleasant and unobstructed reading experience.
Origin Download PageView the Demo

Hatch (Responsive)

Hatch Responsive

Hatch is a simple and responsive photography and portfolio theme. It has been built to utilize the core WordPress functions for image and gallery management. With the exception of the in-built Fancybox script, no additional/custom functionality or third-party plugins are used to store, organize, or present the content.
Hatch Download PageView the Demo

Gridly (Responsive)

Gridly Responsive

Gridly is a free minimal and responsive portfolio theme ideal for creatives. It has been built using jQuery Masonry and comes with a simple options panel allowing you to quickly customise your site as required.
Gridly Download PageView the Demo

Balloons (Responsive)

Balloons Responsive

Balloons is a minimal designed responsive single-column parallax scrolling theme.
Balloons Download PageView the Demo

Photum (Responsive)

Photum Responsive

Photumis a responsive portfolio theme that has been built with HTML5. It uses custom post types for the portfolio so you can have a separate blog and portfolio. They have included options so you can set up different equipment and tag each photo with it, you can also add locations which will get added to the images.
Photum Download PageView the Demo

Ascetica (Responsive)

Ascetica Responsive

Ascetica is a spacious and elegant portfolio/blog theme with a responsive layout. Best suited for bloggers who want to showcase their work alongside their posts
Ascetica Download PageView the Demo

Sundance (Responsive)

Sundance Responsive

Sundance is a video theme from the guys at Automattic. Despite its minimalist design, Sundance has been crafted with clean, elegant typography and close attention to detail. The home page offers a featured video carousel. It supports the video post format, widgets, custom background, custom header, custom menus, and a custom link feature for your social media pages.
Sundance Download PageView the Demo



Stumblr is a minimal Tumblr style theme ideal for Microblogging photos & video.
Stumblr Download PageView the Demo

Responsive (Obviously, Responsive)

Responsive Obviously, Responsive

Responsive Download PageView the Demo



Proyecto includes a custom homepage with an image slider, highlights and latest portfolio items. The portfolio is created with a custom post type (portfolio) so you can add your items just like regular posts. You can have unlimited portfolio items and categories. Plus, there is a portfolio page template with a simple jQuery filter for sorting the items.
Proyecto Download PageView the Demo



Pronto is a very clean and minimal jQuery Masonry WordPress theme that’s perfect for showcasing your posts in a grid like fashion, that will re-adjust depending on your visitors browser size.
Pronto Download PageView the Demo

Mercato Foot

Mercato Foot

Mercato Foot Download PageView the Demo



Widely is a minimalistic theme that would be perfect as a simple business template or for creatives that need a super-simple platform to showcase their portfolio.
Please note that signup is required to download the free theme.
Widely Download PageView the Demo



The Nova theme has perhaps not been designed minimally, but it certainly is very clean and worthy of a place in this post. Its perfect for business and corporate sites and has a lot of features that can be managed via the options panel. You can display your blog posts with several post formats such video and galleries. Additionally you can have a special post type for your portfolio/work.
Nova Download PageView the Demo

The Bootstrap (Responsive)

The Bootstrap Responsive

The Bootstrap is a clean, friendly, and responsive theme, with a great image and gallery handling, based on Bootstrap from Twitter.
Download PageDemo



Pears is an open source theme that lets you create a pattern library quickly. Collect, test, and experiment with interface pattern pairings of CSS & HTML. You can get your own pattern library up and running quickly.
Pears Download Page

Reverie (Responsive)

Reverie Responsive

The Reverie Framework is an extremely versatile HTML5 WordPress framework based on ZURB's Foundation. It inherits all the cool features from Foundation, and packs with it several other interesting features to optimize the experience for WordPress and HTML5, including customized output for WordPress menus and caption.
Reverie Download PageView the Demo

Special Mention: Dessign

The guys from dessign.net are worthy of a special mention in this post. In total they have 17 freely available spectacular themes. All have been minimally designed and all are a perfect platform for creatives to showcase their portfolio.

Here are our favorites:

Grid Theme Responsive

Grid Theme Responsive
Download PageDemo

Grid Style Theme

Grid Style Theme
Download PageDemo


Download PageDemo


Download PageDemo


Download PageDemo


Download PageDemo

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