20 Examples of Beautifully Designed Admin Dashboards

Once upon a time, admin dashboard design was not really a thing. Often neglected and never given the same level of importance as the front-end. Yes, they would function very well, but typically they would like the design was stuck in the late 90s. The only thing missing was animated clipart!

How times have changed. The dashboards we see nowadays are a thing of beauty, as this gallery post demonstrates. Perhaps it’s due to the rise in popularity and reliance upon mobile apps, or it could be that the dashboard design process has been made much easier because of the power, functionality, and versatility of the Bootstrap framework. Either way, we love the designs we’ve seen over the last year or so.

You might also like to take a look some beautiful UI Style Guides, some web design Wireframe Sketches, or even this collection of Inspiring Sitemaps.

Athlete Readiness by Ron Evgeniy.
Athlete Readiness

Panels Dashboard by Cosmin Capitanu.
Panels Dashboard

Dashboard App Concept by Anton Kalganov.
Dashboard App Concept

Some Analytics by Cosmin Capitanu.
Some Analytics

Web AnalyticsSiju Alex.
Web Analytics

B&I Dashboard by STUDIOJQ.
B&I Dashboard

Basic Dashboard Design by Kartik Mahant .
Basic Dashboard Design

Dashboard Widget Selector by Dave Ruiz.
Dashboard Widget Selector

Dashboard for WordPress Concept by Barthelemy Chalvet.
Dashboard for WordPress Concept

Ubergrad Design Work by Naresh Kumar.
Ubergrad Design Work

Dashboard Web App Product UI: Job Summary by Mason Yarnell.
Dashboard Web App Product UI: Job Summary

Story Book by Cosmin Capitanu.
Story Book

Tapdaq Assets Manager by Jan Losert.
Tapdaq Assets Manager

Sales Report Admin by Piotr Kwiatkowski.
Sales Report Admin

API Editor Dashboard by Samuel Thibault.
API Editor Dashboard

Webapp Dashboard by Ben Garratt.
Webapp Dashboard

Vonigo Dashboard by UENO.
Vonigo Dashboard

Rolodex Dashboard by Ben Cline.
Rolodex Dashboard

Xonom Admin Dashboard by Cosmin Capitanu.
Xonom Admin Dashboard

SpacesPro Dashboard by Sergey Valiukh.
SpacesPro Dashboard


  • Joerg Maeckle

    Good stuff. But you forgot this one: https://www.behance.net/gallery/23606545/Wallmin

  • Nice round up. Thanks :-)

  • Ben Morel

    Slightly disappointed with this post. From the headline I expected some actual dashboards, rather than just concepts.

  • Paul Andrew

    Sorry Ben, I should have been clearer with the title. The original intention was to show actual real-life examples of inspirational dashboards, but they ended up being really hard to source.

  • Ben Morel

    I can imagine – the best are probably in-house or web app back ends. Both rather hard to get to without paying

  • Morgan

    Key word: DESIGNED. Unfortunately, you can definitely design something beautiful but most of these are just that. Looking at a majority of them, I have no clue what information is being portrayed or how I would even use it if it were truly an admin dashboard. Pretty is nice, but useful is so much more powerful.

  • Julia Blake

    Panels Dashboard looks awesome. Thanks for this inspirational roundup!

  • Raghave

    Hi my name is Raghave. I am a java developer and mostly work on server side development like spring, hibernate, oracle etc. I have very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and some javascript. What exactly should i do to become a great UI designer? Is it true that UI design requires absolutely different mindset as compared to server side programmin in other words, good server side programmers cannot be good UI developers since UI development expects artistic sense.

  • sdf

    Create a awesome portfolio – even concept UIs are good! All the best! you can do itt!

  • Anthony Lodge

    Ok, really dumb question I know, but how are these dashboards used? To create a custom WordPress dashboard for example?? Thanks!!

  • @paul and @ben we have some fully coded dashboards which can help, check also the free versiona here:http://www.creative-tim.com/bootstrap-themes/admin-dashboard

    Hope they will help. BTW, this list is perfect for inspiration, thank you Ben!