Quick Prototyping: Collection of Free HTML/CSS/JS UI Kits

Finish Design Projects Quickly

The main idea of HTML/CSS/JS UI kits is to offer you a range of production-ready web elements with a consistent style, so that you quickly kick-start any new web project. Typically standard UI packs will include buttons of different sizes and types, form field elements, navigation & pagination systems, tabs, alerts and tags. But some, like the UI packs we have for you below, will offer much, much more.

InK – Interface Kit

InK Interface Kit html css

Ink is a UI kit for quick development of web interfaces, very easy to use and expand on. Built using a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript it offers modern solutions for building layouts, display common interface elements and implement interactive features.
Included Components: Navigation, Icons, Forms, Alerts, Modals, Galleries, Tables, Tree View, Sortable Lists, Date Picker and Tabs.

InK – Interface Kit →

Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS html css

Metro UI is is a set of styles for creating an interface similar to the Windows 8 Metro UI. the framework can be used as a self-contained solution, although it can be used as an addition to any other CSS framework.
Included Components: Navigation, Tables, Forms, Accordian, List View, Buttons, Progress Bars, Carousels, Ratings, Icons, Forms, Alerts and much more.

Metro UI CSS →

Futurico UI HTML

Futurico UI HTML html css

Based on the Futurico GUI Elements Pack, Futurico UI is web UI kit built using the SASS preprocessor (CSS version is also available). The stylesheets have been neatly structured so that you can add, remove or edit components (called modules) easily.
Included Components: Navigation, Form Elements, Calendar, Buttons, Carousel and much more.

Futurico UI HTML →

Gumby Framework UI Kit

Gumby Framework - CSS User Interface UI Kit html css

Gumby 960 is an all-round responsive CSS grid framework, but does come packaged with tons of styles and common interface elements to help you quickly put together functional prototypes.
Included Components: Navigation, Form Elements, Buttons, Tabs, Toggles, Drawers and much more.

Gumby Framework UI Kit →

BootMetro – Windows 8 MetroUI style

BootMetro - Windows 8 MetroUI style html css

Like the Metro UI above, BootMetro, with its Twitter Bootstrap base, offers simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a Windows 8 MetroUI style.
Included Components: Navigation, List Views, Charms, Messages, Font Icons, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Buttons, Progress Bars and much more.

BootMetro →

jQuery-jKit – jQuery Based UI Toolkit

jQuery-jKit - jQuery Based UI Toolkit html css

jQuery-jKit is a lightweight cross platform, jQuery based UI toolkit with a huge selection of components. It is perhaps not suited for novices, but if you are a CSS & JS ninja, then this UI kit is for you.
Included Components: EVERYTHING!!!

jQuery-jKit →

CSS3 Alumina UI

CSS3 Alumina UI html css

CSS3 Alumina UI is a complete set of UI elements that support all major types of inputs, supporting normal, hover, active, focused and disabled states for all. This is webkit only, other browsers don't provide the hooks required for these kind of styles.

CSS3 Alumina UI →

PSD/HTML Web UI Elements Kit

PSD/HTML Web UI Elements Kit html css

PSD/HTML Web UI Elements Kit →

Light UI Kit

Light UI Kit html css

Light UI Kit →


CSS3 UI Kit html css

CSS3 UI Kit →

Coconut UI CSS

Coconut UI CSS html css

Coconut UI CSS →

Lion CSS UI Kit

Lion CSS UI Kit html css

Lion CSS UI Kit →

Retina UI Set

Retina UI Set html css

Retina UI Set →

CSS Windows 8 Metro Buttons

CSS Windows 8 Metro Buttons html css

CSS Windows 8 Metro Buttons →


  • Ink is gorgeous. Especially *awesome* font

  • Jon Kranz

    Nice article!
    A couple months ago, I was given a heads-up to Indigo Studio from a company called Infragistics. It’s a tool for rapidly developing high fidelity prototypes in a “flat” style. I’ve been using it to test and validate my interaction designs. It’s helped a lot.
    Not sure if this suggestion completely fits here. Figured it couldn’t hurt to suggest it here.

  • i am also developing a UI kit… code name is “KITEUI” from Mirchu Team