Speed, Consistency, Harmony, Creativity & Certainty with The Golden Grid


As most will know, grid-based systems can improve your website’s aesthetic, and Italian designer Carlo Poso has taken that sense of aesthetic even further by creating a grid system inspired by the golden ratio.

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Carlo’s creation, “the Golden Grid” is based on the 960 Grid System, which is well-known as a standard for grid systems with its natural usability; but its origins predate the internet. The grid system’s homage to Pythagoras and Euclid brings a strange classical sense to the sleekness of current web design trends.

Poso even cites the new Twitter homepage as an example of the spiral of the golden ratio. He is clearly design-driven, and breaks down the advantages of his system into speed, consistency, harmony, creativity, and certainty. His Golden Grid has been designed with the intention of making web template layouts more nimble, so as not to hinder creativity. The ‘net’-like structure preserves harmony and balance on the page and is an interesting way of providing new and innovative solutions.

The Golden Grid works particularly well when used together with some frameworks based on the baseline grid, such as the one by Teehan+Lax.

At the grid system’s site, users can download the Photoshop, Fireworks, OmniGraffle, Illustrator, InDesign, Pixelmator templates, and Flash files in a convenient archived file. The site (thegoldengrid.com) also hosts tutorials for setting up the Golden Grid.

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