Workwankers – Calling-out some of the unlikeable characters in design

Created by Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman from digital production company, Workwankers is a creative series of illustrated slides that highlights some of the more annoying and unlikable characters that will undoubtedly be found lingering in your office.

You can also Call out a Wanker, so Peter and Joe know that this may be ‘construed as mean-spirited,’ and thus urge everyone to use the site responsibly.

Workwankers – You Know Who They Are!

workwankers logo

Shoulderbeast workwankers illustration

Idea Killer workwankers illustration
Idea Killer

Pair of Hands workwankers illustration
Pair of Hands

Crappy Writer workwankers illustration
Crappy Writer

Moochie workwankers illustration

Pervoceros workwankers illustration

Gloomo workwankers illustration

Award Gremlin workwankers illustration
Award Gremlin

Name Vomiter workwankers illustration
Name Vomiter

Go forth and name and shame a Workwanker! →

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