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Are newsletters on their way out?

E-newsletters, email-outs, e-flashes, call them what you will, but I have to wonder, are they are on their way out? Where I work we send out e-newsletters once a month and are just beginning to review all our digital and traditional communication channels. For me, I felt that email-outs are no longer the most viable option for communicating with our…


Optimizing Typography in Responsive Web Design

Each time a discussion pops up about responsive design, the common terminology and concepts that get the maximum attention include grids and images, and obviously the settings like fluid or flexible. Typography, though essentially always deemed important, is rarely given the weightage it deserves when it comes to responsive web design. In this article, we will be discussing typography in…

Minimizing Downtime: Tips for Transferring Websites to a New Host

It’s certainly not a fun process, but moving a website between servers sometimes becomes necessary. In fact, in recent years, it has become an even more necessary and popular task among many website owners and administrators. That’s because prices continue to decrease for basic shared web hosting, while demand increases among medium-sized and larger websites for virtual servers and dedicated…


The WP_List_Table Function: What it Is and How to Use It Within a Typical WordPress Installation

For the past several major releases of WordPress, the columns of data within the WordPress Dashboard have been sortable either in ascending or descending order. This applies to virtually every column located within the Dashboard, including those that advertise categories, post titles, publishing dates, or page creation dates. It can also alphabetize things like categories, tags, and even pages or…


Freebie: Studio Website PSD Templates

We have an exclusive freebie for you today – its a fantastic 6 page website PSD template called Studio Website. The template has a clean, slick and professional look and feel throughout and has been designed with business and corporate websites in mind. Studio Website PSD Template The six templates include a versatile homepage, a modern about us page, a…


Coding a Vimeo API Instant Search App with jQuery

Web developers and Internet enthusiasts alike are very fond of online video services. One social video website Vimeo is a great example of how HD content can be stored and streamed across the planet. I love the quality you find with Vimeo uploads and the user-base is extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics. For this tutorial I want…


Getting to Grips with the HTML5 File API

The HTML5 File API allows developers to interact with the local filesystem on the client-side. Using these APIs, developers can build more robust web applications that work seamlessly both online and offline. This tutorial demonstrates the basic usage of these APIs to do common tasks like reading the properties and content of files. Disclaimer – At the time of writing…