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WordPress Form Plugins that can be Easily and Instantly Installed

Deployment of custom WordPress form plugins forms is pretty easy, largely because the plugins are designed to easily and instantly integrate into any template with minimal XHTML or PHP knowledge. They’ll even give themselves some CSS styling, saving the hassle of adding new, field-specific classes to stylesheet. Here are the best options for deploying one of these convenient custom forms…


Responsive Image Techniques & Resources

Responsive web design has become a large topic of study over just a couple of years. Web developers are looking to keep up with trends and support the most common Internet-accessible devices. This used to mean only desktops and laptops, but now we have tablets and dozens of various smartphones all running wi-fi. This advancement only means that developers will…


Three Recent & Free Wireframe Applications

Wireframing applications are among the most vital components that constitute the arsenal of any designer or developer. Even before you actually start the visual design process, wireframing allows you to lay down the details and clarify any confusion or doubts related to the functionality or content. Thus, wireframe apps serve the simple yet extremely important purpose of saving time and…


Helping Clients with Outdated Websites

One of the joys of being a freelancer is that, if you do your job, you’ll have clients who stay with you year after year. It really is nice to know that people appreciate your hard work and that you have built a trusting relationship. After awhile, you might start to notice that some of those clients may be in…


Are newsletters on their way out?

E-newsletters, email-outs, e-flashes, call them what you will, but I have to wonder, are they are on their way out? Where I work we send out e-newsletters once a month and are just beginning to review all our digital and traditional communication channels. For me, I felt that email-outs are no longer the most viable option for communicating with our…


Optimizing Typography in Responsive Web Design

Each time a discussion pops up about responsive design, the common terminology and concepts that get the maximum attention include grids and images, and obviously the settings like fluid or flexible. Typography, though essentially always deemed important, is rarely given the weightage it deserves when it comes to responsive web design. In this article, we will be discussing typography in…