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Nataly Birch (71 Articles)

Nataly is a web developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine with a passion for WordPress and IT writing. She runs her own blog where she shares helpful stuff, articles and tutorials. You can reach her and share your thoughts via email.

Harnessing Liquid Effects in Web Design

If you want to stand out from the competition and make yourself heard, you need to go the extra mile. That’s the first rule of the online jungle of these…


Beautifully Designed Examples of Asymmetrical Split Screens in Web Design

Modern split screens in web design are used to make the layout more interesting, give the content a piquancy and present blocks of information creatively.


10 Best Logo Reveal Templates for Adobe After Effects

In this collection, we share the ten best templates that you can use to create a professional logo animation on your own in After Effects.


10 Dramatic Examples of Splash Screens in Web Design

Splash screens in web design are effective as long as they are lightweight, straight-to-the-point, and always improve the experience of the user, as these inspiring examples prove.


8 Excellent Examples of Using Stacked Text Blocks in Web Design

It is so exciting to examine modern website designs and stumble upon tiny things that developers find adorable. “Tiny details make the difference” – we hear this a lot these…


Boom! Examining Explosions in Web Design

There are many ways to grab the audience’s attention. We are spoiled with choice, even though the current state of technologies is still imperfect. We are experiencing some browser compatibility…


8 Stunning Examples of the X-Ray Effect in Web Design

An x-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation that has wavelengths shorter than visible light. It easily passes through solid objects and lets you see inside. It has found many…


The Design Trend of Utilizing Monochrome Colors in Hero Areas

The way we use color seems to change so much these days. Only several months ago we were discussing the vibrant color schemes that were seen in many details of…


Large Cursors: Pointing the Way Towards a Better Web

Various experiments are conducted these days with mouse pointers. Consider our recent posts regarding cursor effects and the use of circular cursors in web design. It feels like we are…


Rocking the Boat: Examining the Use of Waves in Web Design

Waves in web design? It seems unlikely. I bet the first thing that comes to your mind are websites dedicated to travel – especially by sea. Or, sites with nautical…


Going Up: Vertical Lettering in Web Design

Vertical lettering pleases the eye with an unexpected twist in reading flow and effortlessly brings the essential things into focus.


Branding Heroes: Adding Your Identity into the Hero Area