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10 Massively Successful Minimum Viable Products

Today, lean startups and tech titans alike are increasingly using the minimum viable product (MVP) as a starting point for building successful software products. In the article 4 Reasons MVPs Fail we looked at the major risks you face in getting your product to market and how to overcome them. A successful minimum viable product helps you start the learning…


Building Minimum Viable Products at Spotify

Many companies face the paradox of wanting to build a delightful product without knowing if people actually want the product until it’s released. Spotify’s vision was to give people the right music at the right time while incentivizing artists by paying them based on number of shares their music received. A tall order, no doubt, when you consider how hard…


How Flat Design Increases Conversion Rates

There are many arguments for and against flat design, so in this article I wanted to take a quick look at how flat design can actually affect your bottom line. When it comes to arguments, nothing speaks louder than actual dollars. I examine three case studies where flat design has increased conversion rates (and in some cases sales!) and how…


20 Useful Tools & Apps For Everyday UX Tasks

Working in an UX team usually requires mastering quite a few online tools. Whether you’re new to the user experience world, or you’re a seasoned professional you should never stop looking for online solutions that can make your work easier, faster and, most importantly, simply better. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 21 tools that could help you in…


Free Ebook: Web UI Design Patterns 2014

In web UI design, there now exist many new approaches to transition cleanly between devices while preserving the user experience. And in this free eBook – Web UI Design Patterns 2014: A Deeper Look at the Hottest Websites and Web Apps Today – UXPin analyzes a selection of 63 UI design patterns through the lens of today’s top companies, including…


Google Analytics Tips for UX Research

Google Analytics can be an incredibly powerful tool for optimising your site’s user experience. Here are my top tips for harnessing its full potential. 1. Always have a goal Google Analytics has continually evolved since it was originally released, and now offers a mind-boggling amount of information about your site visitors. This is a double-edged sword though, as one of…


Free Ebook: Mobile UI Design Patterns 2014

Mobile applications today attempt to utilize a greater range of functionalities to incorporate an increasingly greater amount of information. With such a relatively small user interface screen to work with (as compared to a laptop or other computer screen), mobile app designers must decide which design patterns they will use to create the most intuitive UI without sacrificing major app…


Busting the UI=UX myth

Identifying user goals and helping them accomplish those goals through your product – that’s the key objective of all organizations that build digital products. There are various elements that influence the usability, desirability and reliability of a digital product. The most common ones that we hear today are UI & UX. These fields, even though significantly different in nature, sometimes…


Making Bad Feedback from Your Boss or Client Actionable

Most designers work in non-design orientated cultures, where the majority of the people you work with do not have a core understanding of design principles. Believe me. I was one of them. Before focusing completely on building and running UXPin, I was working as a full time in-house UX Designer and UX Manager. One of the most difficult things when…