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Building a Simple Reddit API Webapp using jQuery

The growing number of 3rd party APIs have created a tremendous group of enthusiastic developers. But without time to research documentation this leaves some people curious without any means to actually build anything. I like toying around with these APIs because most are quite simple and easy to follow along once you understand the basics. For this tutorial I want…


Easy Responsive Web Design with the Restive jQuery Plugin

Designing sites for smartphones and tablets sounds awesome when you are reading about it. You get all excited about the awesome possibilities of having your homepage look and feel great on multiple mobile devices (and non-mobile devices alike). However, when you actually stop the dreaming and get to the doing, your joy literally gets knocked in the teeth by the…


20 Elite Themeforest Authors Reveal Their 5 Favourite Web Design Tools

I bet you think that WordPress theme development needs tons of web design tools? Well, think again. Recently I asked 20 elite authors from Themeforest a simple question: “If you could only use five design tools for WordPress development, which tools would you choose?“ My overall goal was to discover what actually are the best and most popular WordPress development…


A Look Back at the Popular Web Design Trends from 2013

This year has brought powerful new UI concepts, open source projects, and new hacks/tricks for web designers and developers. Those who are interested in what makes good web design have probably noticed the steady improvements. Looking back even one decade to 2003 you’ll find the Internet and the WWW have come a long way. In this article I want to…


The Disappointment of Writing on

Of late, a new writing service has taken the blogosphere by a storm. This one pitches itself as “a better place to read and write”. Yes, I am talking about Medium. As a platform that lets you share your thoughts and words, Medium is rising in popularity with each passing day. In other words, it is redefining blogging! However, all…


Design Obstacles For International Domains

Web design projects are becoming more varied and complex with each year that passes. And one trend which looks set to explode in the next 18 months is global brands rolling out their existing corporate websites to new markets across the World. This globalization mindset is here to stay and as a result web design agencies can expect more website…


50 CSS Tools & Resources from 2013

In the article below we have put together a useful collection of our favorite CSS resources, frameworks, UI kits and handy tools, all from this past year, 2013. The main idea of this is to not only illustrate and highlight what a fantastic year it has been for CSS, but to also to offer you a range of production-ready resources…


50 Most Useful jQuery Plugins from 2013

Today, just as we have published each of the past three years, we have the 2013 edition of our top 50 jQuery plugins that we feel are the most useful and most innovative from this year. 2013 has been quite possibly the best year ever! All of the time-saving plugins below will in one way or another deliver a specific…


Flat Illustration in Web Design

At the moment it does seem that every newly launched site or app has adopted the flat design trend. What started just over a year ago as merely a unique design concept, has now exploded into a phenomenon that has literally changed the face of UI design. Perhaps forever. Some web designers have even taken flat design that little bit…