25 Inspiring Examples of the Parallax Scrolling Effect

Sometimes the parallax scrolling effect on single page sites do need a powerful machine and a fast connection to keep up with the animation, meaning that at times you will have to wait for the page to either finish loading or for the page to catch up with as you scroll. But when they do work, there is something captivating and engaging about being gently guided through the ever-changing screen, leaving the user eager to discover and learn more.

There really is no better medium for guiding you through a web page story than the parallax effect. Check out these inspiring examples:

Beatbox Academy

Beatbox Academy animated parallax css scrolling

Discover Shadow

Discover Shadow mobile app animated css parallax scrolling

This is Now

This is Now animated parallax css scrolling

Sam Markiewicz

Sam Markiewicz personal animated css parallax scrolling

Erős Balázs

Erős Balázs personal animated parallax css scrolling

Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France animated css parallax scrolling


Cyclemon animated parallax css scrolling

Pi's Epic Journey

Pi's Epic Journey movie animated css parallax scrolling

Scroll For Your Health

Scroll For Your Health animated parallax css scrolling

TCM Summer Under the Stars

TCM Summer Under the Stars movie animated css parallax scrolling


numéro10 animated parallax css scrolling


TEDxGUC animated css parallax scrolling

NASA: Prospect

NASA: Prospect animated parallax css scrolling

aBenção – Malhas e Tricots Criativos

aBenção - Malhas e Tricots Criativos animated css parallax scrolling


WAAAC animated parallax css scrolling

Lord and Taylor First Looks

Lord and Taylor First Looks animated css parallax scrolling

De Might of Mister Miller

De Might of Mister Miller animated parallax css scrolling

Negative Space

Negative Space animated css parallax scrolling

Anthelios SPF Sunscreen

Anthelios SPF Sunscreen animated parallax css scrolling

The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek animated css parallax scrolling


Flandria animated parallax css scrolling

InfoQuest Infographic

InfoQuest Infographic animated css parallax scrolling

Reunite the River

Reunite the River animated parallax css scrolling


Fillet animated css parallax scrolling


Eone animated parallax css scrolling

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  • p4shr


    thank you very much for the good articles on your blog.

    I have a question about “Beatbox Academy”:
    Which Script is necessary to get this “content-fly” effect?
    I like this effect very much and I want to integrate it in a project.

    Thanks for every answer!

  • joeisfat

    Same question here…

  • emrah

    search parallax.