Construction businesses, building companies and architects may target consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B) – in both cases, trust/reputation is important and the sale size is often large so building a brand and investing in a good logo makes sense.

In this gallery, we showcase 30 strong examples of construction/architecture/building related logo designs, categorized by color. We found bold colors (particularly red, brown, blacks, yellow) are particularly popular with construction companies while there’s a trend towards blues and greens for companies trying to position themselves as environmentally friendly.

The 31 examples of construction logos below are bold, creative, clean and, hopefully, a useful source of inspiration for owners of construction businesses and logo designers.

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Red / Brown Construction Logos


Construction logos

Project X Construction Logo

Equity Building

Construction Crew Logo

New Builders Canada

HHJ Construction, Inc. Logo

Hilton Construction Logo

School Design & Build Logo

Ellis Construction Logo

Taurus Construction Logo

Orange / Yellow Construction Logos

Alfinco constructora logo

Build dubai logo design

Consruction company logo design

Logo Design for Construction Company Canada

Green Construction Logos

Greensky construction developer logo

Builder logo design

Irish Construction Network Logo

Home Logo

Architecture firm logo design

Blue Construction Logos

Ommen homes

M2 Construction Logo

martin ulises - architect

Buildcon Logo Urban Acres

Black / Grey Construction Logos

Green building logo design

Logo design construction company

Women in construction logo

Grupo Impulsa Logo

Frine Wence Arquitectura Logo