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50 Webpage Layouts for Showcasing Company Teams and Employees

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Building a personal connection with your audience is one small step towards a mutual trusting relationship. If you provide services through your company or design studio, a nice treat for visitors is finding a team page on your website. They get to know a bit about who runs the company and who else is working on projects.

In this showcase I want to demonstrate examples of well-defined employee team pages. Some teams involve small numbers of 2-4 people while others range beyond 10 or 20. There are design styles for structuring any company regardless of size. These ideas provide an excellent starting point for brainstorming your own company team page layout.

Tone Agency

united kingdom tone agency design website team

Demand Media

demand media website company team employees webpage


metalab design website studio team webpage

Chichester Design

chichester united kingdom design company team

Amazee Labs

amazee labs website team webpage layout design


betaworks creative design studio website team

Likeable Media

company internet marketing media likeable team employees

DC Media

dc media website homepage layout

Exponent PR

exponent pr public relations homepage team employees

nGen Works

ngen works team design company webpage


nclud website webpage team members employees design studio

Electric Pulp

electrip pulp design studio homepage

Rock Kitchen Harris

yellow team webpage layout rock kitchen harris

Herrlich Media

herrlich media team company website layout


our team castus website layout employees custom ui

Unified Social

unified social team webpage design inspiration


think people team members employees company

Grain & Mortar

grain and mortar design company team employees

Brave People

brave people website team employees page

Playground Inc.

playground inc company team members employees

Third Floor Design

team members employees webpage layout third floor design


mixd company team listing webpage layout

Great Works

great works studio design people team members

AllOver Media

all over media inspiration team list webpage

Elegant Seagulls

elegant seagulls webpage team members list


etsy startup company team members employees webpage design


little lines design company team members

Web Together

web together company about team members employees

Jonjo I’Neill Racing

jonjo oneill racing website webpage team members staff

The Status Bureau

the status bureau company design team layout

Engage Interactive

engage interactive team members employees website layout

Create Digital Media

create digital media create dm team members employees webpage layout


wistia website webpage layout inspiring team design

Si Digital

si digital design company team members something interesting


zinio team startup company website layout inspiration


lateral team website layout design inspiration

Envy Labs

envy labs website design studio team members employees


applicake team website layout design inspiring

Vector Media Group

vector media design webpage layout team members


polecat ios development webpage layout team members employees


sparkbox startup team employees listing design layout

Studio MPLS

studio mpls team employees homepage layout inspiring

Duke Innovation Design Agency

dida cube duke innovation design agency company website


atlassian software development team members employees website lising example


wixted company website team members listing design


protofuse website design team members agency inspiring layout

Rocksauce Studios

mobile game app development studio inspiration website


avero company international design team members avatars


werkpress website layout team members design inspiration

Wise & Hammer

wise and hammer website layout inspiration design team members

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