30 Login Forms with Creative Design

On many sites, the one page that people see over and over again is the login page. That makes it important to not only make it something worth looking at repeatedly, but also easy to use, as the designers below have done.

Effective and pleasant registration form design is also important – as this will help convert website browsers into registered users (and potentially customers or purchasers). Here are 30 login form designs for your inspiration:

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Schoolonline Login, designed by Bram Van Der Sype

Inside ND Login, designed by Zastrow

Login, designed by Rune Madsen

Dark Login, designed by Loubna Aggoun

Shrinking Login, designed by Chris Wallace

OptCulture Login, designed by Axel Norvell

Login, designed by Matt Schwarz

iCloud login, designed by Joe Kenney

Sexy Login, designed by Haziq Mir

Sign In Login, designed by 02 Alternative

Login , designed by Stefan Pasch

Dev Login, designed by Luke Smith

StarrApp Login, designed by George Gliddon

Quik CV Login, designed by >Patrick Johnson

Login, designed by Mateusz Przegiętka

Login or Register, designed by Matt Anderson

Login, designed by Suthan S.

Web Login, designed by Collin Henderson

300 Pixels, designed by Eric Hoffman

Dark Login, designed by Sascha Michael Trinkaus

Login, designed by Cody L.

Krustr Login, designed by Boris Strahija

Client Login, designed by David Bradly

Fancy Login, designed by Ionut Zamfir

Login Page, designed by Jordan Hsu

Login Page

Login Page

International Call, designed by Andryy Kachynskyy

Saxona CMS Login, designed by Martin Bean

Legal Generator Login, designed by Andy Wise

Did we leave any of your favorite login page designs out? Be sure to share them in the comments!


  • Jarod Billingslea

    These are really amazing Danielle. Post more of these. I love them.

  • Totally in love with: Login by Rune Madesen and Dev Login by Luke Smith. Very interesting collection! I really think it’s fun when logins or search boxes aren’t totally defined by a box.

  • shekhardesigner

    Yes André,Danielle missed the great one. Your link’s form is so beautiful

  • Chris

    So, your entire body of research was limited to searching for “login” on dribble and forrst? Give me a break.

  • Martin Bean

    I’m not sure why it was chosen either, André, as I don’t think it was particularly special either. But, it’s done my homepage hits some good.

  • great reference, i know what to do now. thanks