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5 Free Desktop Applications for Managing Code Snippets

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Why reinvent the wheel? And by extension, why keep re-typing or copy/pasting commonly used pieces of code over and over again?

Copying and pasting pieces of code into text files are disorganized and wastes your precious time. Instead, you can use code snippets to managers those code snippets you use on a regular basis. These applications let you save, organize, and call upon your code snippets whenever you need them – for practically all of the major programming languages.

These applications will make your development life so much easier. So peruse through the list, see which one(s) would fit your workflow.


jCodeCollector is a free cross-platform application that helps you manage your code snippets. It is written in Java.

Download Page: jCodeCollector →
Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

  • More than 25 languages supported
  • Store, tag and comment your snippets
  • Quickly find the code you need via search

Snippet Manager

Snippet Manager is a free utility for managing your code snippets in a variety of languages: VB, C++, C#, Java, SQL, ASP, PHP, HTML, even COBOL, Assembler, and Fortran.

You can also use Snippet Manager to manage plain ASCII text data. With the developer-focused search tool, you can find the code you need by using regular expressions or simple search criteria: language, category, dependencies, keywords or the actual code that you are looking for. You can also publish your snippets online for your personal or company use, and password-protect them so only those you want can access them.

Download Page: Snippet Manager →
Platform: Windows

  • Lightweight; no setup needed
  • 37 languages are supported
  • Search tool for developers
  • Publish your snippets on the Internet and optionally password-protect your code


Snippely is a free basic text and code organizational tool. By using it, you can save, organize and retrieve your snippets in one convenient location. Snippely is built on the Adobe AIR platform, so after installing the cross-platform AIR, you can use it on all modern operating systems.

Download Page: Snippely →

Platform: Adobe AIR (cross-platform)

  • Snips will be syntax highlighted according to the language selected
  • Snips are sortable so you can organize your snippet however you want
  • No saving needed – everything is saved to a local database as you work

Code Bank

Code Bank is a free code snippet manager with support for a local database as well as a shared database. With the serverside application, you can share a code snippet library between multiple users. It has syntax highlighting for many languages and a simple revision history with a compare viewer for seeing side-by-side changes between two revisions. Code Bank is built on the Adobe AIR platform, so after installing the cross-platform AIR, you can use it on all modern operating systems.

Download Page: Code Bank →
Platform: Adobe AIR (cross-platform)

  • Syntax highlighting for multiple languages including C++, ActionScript, Flex, HTML, SQL, and more
  • Simple revision history with a compare viewer so you can see the changes side-by-side between two revisions

Snippet Monkey

Snippet Monkey saves you countless hours by allowing you to create shortcuts for your snippets as well as phrases you frequently type. Create new snippets from the clipboard or via the easy-to-use snippet editor. As mentioned, besides code snippets Snippet Monkey supports plain text, images, date and time (your choice of format), nested snippets, and cursor location commands.

Snippet Monkey isn’t 100% free but rather shareware – should you choose to pay it’s only $12 though.

Download Page: Snippet Monkey →
Platform: Mac OS X

  • Snippets can contain any combination of: text, images, date and time in a format of your choice, nested snippets, cursor location commands
  • Only Typing accelerator with support for Sniplets
  • Supports disabling on a per application basis
  • Easily create a snippet from the contents of the clipboard

What Applications Do You Use?

Your turn: what desktop applications do you use for managing your code snippets? Which applications from this list? Feel free to share your favorites in the comments section below.

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