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20 Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Firefox is a widely-used browser – not just by users but web developers. Simply put, Firefox and its addons can make developing for the web easier and simpler. And with the release of Firefox 4, it got even easier. This article features 20 essential Firefox 4 addons for web developers. Before diving into the Firefox 4 addons, though, here’s a…

Guide to HTML5’s New Media Tags – Audio and Video

HTML5 aims to standardize elements on a page and reduce the use of plugins to get the leverage more from the browser. With HTML4 you would always need a plugin, such as Flash or Quicktime, to be able to listen to music and video (think YouTube). HTML5 changes that. In HTML5, you can just put a video inside some ‘video’…

Stop Thinking in Pages: A Web Developer’s Perspective

In the early days of the web, when it consisted mostly of academic papers and newsletters, it made sense to call the things we built “pages”. It was a much simpler time, but those days are long past and, frankly, that’s outdated thinking. Today’s web is much more dynamic than the big online filing cabinet envisioned twenty years ago.

Simple and Minimalistic Scandinavian Web Design

Scandinavian design in general is known for being simple and minimalistic, from IKEA furniture, to Bang & Olufsen TVs, to interior design. Even Scandinavian fashion design, most notably Danish, is known for its simplicity. Many of those aspects of minimalism and simplicity have been inherited by web designers based in Scandinavia, as you’re about to see. We’ve gathered two dozen…

Guidelines for Eco Themed Web Design

I’ve been watching and following design trends for a little over a decade now, and one massive trend I’ve seen snowball from a buzz-word to a full-grown beast, is going “green”. With $4 per gallon being considered a steal at the pump, more people are trading in their concrete slinging S.U.V.’s for more economically-sized smart cars or hybrids. And figuring…